I like Top Gear. There, I’ve said  it.

And as of today I might have to say I liked Top Gear, because Jeremy Clarkson has been informed that his contract, which expires this month, won't be renewed. Even though the show is set to continue - albeit not until 2016 - without Clarkson it surely won't be the same.

Now, I expect the comments section below to fill with derision from car enthusiasts on two fronts. Firstly, plenty of people will say that if you hit someone at work, you deserve to get sacked. And, secondly, they will say that they stopped watching Top Gear long ago, because they can’t stand watching a) a show about cars that has become an entertainment show that happens to feature cars, b) a once great show that has run out of imagination and c) a show whose host(s) appear to have become so rich that they expect to live in a very different reality to the people that have made them so rich.

Perhaps there is an element of truth in each of those statements. It's true, you can't go around hitting people and expect to get away with it, although I'd question what good comes of this outcome in the cold light of day. And, Lord knows, when yet another Stig-shaped bubble bath fills my Christmas stocking each year I’m first in line to curse the show for providing an outlet for unimaginative aunties’ and uncles’ gift ideas. But I can’t help myself: I like Top Gear, and I hope today’s announcement doesn’t spell the end of what I like.