I was interested to learn the other day that Chevrolet is now Manchester United’s ‘Official Automotive Partner’.

I’m not quite sure what that means and I am not sure that Chevrolet does either. I presume it means we will no longer be seeing Sir Alex chewing furiously in a red seat with four rings on it. I suppose now he will now be in a Chevy Cruze pew.

Wayne and boys presumably won’t be traveling to the Manchester nightspots in Sparks. Mind you a Camaro or Corvette would make a change from the usual Bentleys. I am sure though all their kit and not VIPs will be ferried about it Orlandos.

I understand all about marketing and profile and all that, but did the sight of Sir Alex in his sponsored seat put you off Audis, until now?

Footballers and cars. It’s all changed from the days of Jack Charlton in Vauxhall Victor, though I am sure he would love a Volt now. I have more than a passing interest in this and have been amassing pictures of players and their cars for years.

Hunter Davies logged just what the Tottenham Hotspur players drove in 1969 in his brilliant book, The Glory Game. They were all bread butter motors that your dad would have owned.