There’s a brand new Jensen Interceptor, well on paper anyway. Someone has used a few crayons and come up with a big glass hatchback, which looks all rather exciting. Except that it may never happen as so many of these, slightly vain, opportunistic, tax loss/dodge projects usually do fade away. A recognisable name is supposed to do half the marketing job for you, but rarely does.

When a name is dead, it is dead. It is pointless reviving it. Few people have that much loyalty or even remember it. If the manufacturer went bankrupt or diversified into making soap there is usually a very good reason for that.

I was told to cease and desist a decade ago when I called myself Armstrong Siddeley for a column in a classic car magazine, which took the Michael out of classic cars and their owners. The wet blankets who owned the name and the owners club got all up themselves about some breach of copyright when I wasn’t even attempting to build a car or sell a part, just be a bit silly.

A few years later I drew a cartoon and it featured possibly the best marque name ever, the Bulldog Violator, there was also the even more extreme Dominator. Of course I made that all up, but it was just as ‘real’ as any one of these almost monthly relaunches and revivals.

Indeed, watch this space as I will be launching my own unique brand of personal transportation in the coming months, if I get my act together and it won’t be called the Talbot Tagora either. Sorry everyone, but finance isn’t an issue (I know that you would all want to invest and be on the ground floor when I bring out my automotive game changer), but I will be building it out of bits I’ve got lying around the garage. Even if it doesn’t work I will still have an official launch and produce a press release.