Audi R8 in the snow: short or long straw?

That’s what I was wondering when I pulled out of the office car park last night in the Audi R8 V10 we’ve got on loan from Audi. Everyone else had clamoured for keys to the likes of the Honda Insight, Toyota iQ and Kia Soul – reasonably small and low-powered front-drivers on pretty skinny rubber all. But with its perfect weight distribution and four-wheel drive, the R8 should be alright in the slippery stuff, shouldn’t it?

Course it should.

Truth is, on the most of the main roads around Autocar HQ, a slick-shod Porsche 917 would have got through. For most of the way, my commute home was quicker and easier than it is normally, thanks to the all the shut schools and offices, and to the panicked masses who stayed at home all day. And once I got onto unsalted residential roads, I had no problems either – even on summer rubber.