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In the lower half it's an Oshkosh M1075, an all-terrain 10-wheeler truck more usually deployed by the US Army. On top however it's a Jeep Wrangler, while overall power comes from a 15.2-litre Caterpillar diesel, good for 600 hp. It's a cool 10.8 metres long (35 feet) and 3.2 metres (10 feet) high. Oh, and it has headlights from a Ford F-Series Super Duty and rear lights from a Dodge Dart, as you do.

The owner of this intriguing confection is none other than Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan - and he's no ordinary billionaire. As a high-profile member of the United Arab Emirates royal family, the man known as the Rainbow Sheikh once paid to have a series of canals that spelled out his first name carved into an island located off the Abu Dhabi coast.

But this vast SUV (called the Dhabiyan) is far from his only car. Indeed, it's just the latest in a long line of vehicles in his personal collection that also doubles as the country’s national car museum and Autocar paid it a visit.

Considering the sheikh's net worth is in the vicinity of $20 billion (£15 billion), you might expect a building full of rare, powerful supercars. However, there are none to be found and the museum is all the more fascinating to visit because of it. It’s an eclectic collection of oddities peppered by stellar examples of 1980s tuning. Join us for a virtual tour of one of the most mystifying car collections in the world:

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