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This is the first time it’s appeared at the Nordschleife.  Judging by the pictures, Porsche is testing ground clearance and suspension travel in the wheel arches. All four wheel arches and the underbody of this prototype are covered with solid foam. The active aerodynamics in the lower area of the front bumper were closed.

We expected this car to launch in 2026, when it will be sold alongside versions of the petrol and plug-in hybrid Cayennes, which will receive a significant round of updates.

The model will be followed by a new K1 car at the top of the Porsche SUV range. The Cayenne is currently the best-selling car in the Porsche range.

Porsche hopes that 80% of the cars it sells will be electric powered by 2030. The Cayenne EV uses the same PPE platform as the smaller Macan and the new Audi Q6 E-tron. The PPE platform is confirmed to be fitted with 800 volt hardware for charging at speeds in excess of 270kW.

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