28 January 2013

What do you do when your best laid plans to test supercars go awry because the snow? Drive them anyway, of course. Steve Sutcliffe pits his wits at the wheel of some fast cars in some pretty poor conditions.

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28 January 2013

This article would have been more interesting if it had been comparing the difference with and without winter tyres.

28 January 2013

It would have been more bearable if it hadn't had that GHASTLY musical sound track overlaid.    You would think that a motoring magazine would let us hear the engines.

28 January 2013

I appreciated the video. Bentley and Jaguar were my favourites. 911 screams 'midlife crisis' too much for me to comment.

11 October 2018
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johny jackson james

29 January 2013

That was a waste of 3mins32secs!,didn't show us anything we didn't know,wasn't particularly exciting,a real spur of the moment video....which shouldn't have been done.

Peter Cavellini.

29 January 2013

That was an utterly pointless video made worse by the repetitive noise in the background.

29 January 2013

That Porsche has appalling traction.

29 January 2013

Please dont go down the Clarkson route. Uninformative, non entertaining self indulgent rubish.

If we were able to listen to the engines rather than noise it might just have been watchable.

I expect more from Autocar



29 January 2013

The video is nice and all, but it really is pointless. Why didn't you use winter tires? I mean what is the purpose of testing 4wd supercars without them in the snow. What a waste of time. Do it again and do it properly.


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