28 January 2013

What do you do when your best laid plans to test supercars go awry because the snow? Drive them anyway, of course. Steve Sutcliffe pits his wits at the wheel of some fast cars in some pretty poor conditions.

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johnyjackson 30 October 2018


Great and nice

Onehp 30 January 2013

R8 tyres?

I have a hard time believing that the tested R8 has summer tyres, no way does it have THAT much more traction than a 991 4s (clearly on summer tyres) or a Jag with winter tyres....

Perhaps the hip chill video editor messed up the subtitles??


ThwartedEfforts 31 January 2013

^ problem is the whole thing

^ problem is the whole thing is so massively disorganised: as anyone who has driven down an icy stretch of road will tell you, you can often get traction on one area of the road and none whatsoever on another, depending on where the snow has been lying, the depth of it, whether it's been compacted, whether it's lying on road markings, and so on. It's possible that if you switched the positions of the 911 and the R8 that the result would be similarly reversed.

At the same time, the Audi has two stages of traction control (don't honestly know about the Porsche), and there's every chance the test simply wasn't set up correctly. Without the same tests being run back to back and with traction on, and then with winter tyres on, it's all rather pointless anyway. The only conclusion presently is that roads can be slippy.

john harris 30 January 2013

Supercars in the snow.

Yes, I have to agree with most of you, totally pointless, a bit too Jeremy Clarkson for me.  Most of us could drive such a car on wide open tracks with a bit of opposite lockery but doing it on normal roads with other traffic, trees, walls, pedestrians is just a bit too tricky.  Completely irrelevant.