11 April 2019

Volkswagen has been slow to the compact crossover market, but they say good things come to those who wait.

Matt Saunders took to Majorcan roads in the new T-Cross to discover exactly how competitive Wolfsburg's answer to the Renault Captur really is.

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11 April 2019

"Matt Saunders took to Majorcan roads..."

I'm Confused. External shots are obviously abroad - driving on right with lhd car. And in opening sequence, Matt stands beside a blue lhd car. So he's in Mallorca.

But when Matt is driving, he's driving an orange rhd car on left side of the road.  OK so external shots are in Mallorca, internal shots were taken in UK?  But looking at the scenery (especially the signage), Matt doesn't look to be driving in UK.

So question is, where was Matt when he was driving?

13 April 2019

And then you will realise what they did with the interior footage. The wonders of digital video editing, and Matt's symetric haircut. Sherlock Holmes, you aren't :)

I thought this was a relatively honest review. Not naming those cars he referred to as being pretenders in terms of sportier driving, and not referencing the size constraints by virtue that VW also make a T-Roc were the only glaring nods to not upsetting manufacturers' PR departments.

11 April 2019
Clearly a paid for advertisement article...

11 April 2019

This 'feature' feels dishonest. Hey Matt, can you do an editorial-type vid for the new T-Roc? You can be honest about it. Kind of. Would be great to get more exposure here...


12 April 2019

This guy is in LURVE.....

18 April 2019

Anyone seen the Tv add for the T-cross?, seem if your over thirty your too old and decrepit to own one!

18 April 2019

@ Peter Cavellini.   

Maybe VW are trying to buck the trend.  In reality, I'd have thought most owners will be rather older than thirty.

7 May 2019

OMG, Autocar, or better still, matt whoever he is? Are you REALLY for real with that feature?? KINDA SCRATCHY PLASTICS?, BUT they don't seem to be an issue cos its a VW, WHAT A PISS TAKE??, How much did vw pay for this "unbiased test"?? Will you EVER drop this Germanic Brilliance nonsense & call a spade a spade?? Just how quality can plastic get, or artificial "leather" for that matter? What a pile of crap. 


7 May 2019

It may be your 'best small SUV' but it's also dull as ditchwater.

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