The Corolla is no longer a car that mixes it with the value offerings at the very bottom of the hatchback class on list price. Toyota learned its lesson some time ago on that score and these days designs, equips and prices its cars to retain value and therefore to have value-for-money appeal when priced on monthly finance rather than anything else.

The residual value forecasts achieved by the car from CAP certainly suggest it should have that. And given the tax benefits that a fleet driver could make thanks to Toyota’s CO2-saving hybrid powertrains, our test car could save a company car driver up to £70 a month in benefit in kind tax compared with an equivalent Focus 2.0 Ecoblue 150 Estate.

Richard Lane

Road tester
Corolla is tipped to do well compared with rivals from Ford and Skoda, holding half its value after three years/36k miles

Our fuel economy testing, meanwhile, suggested that even the top-range Corolla ought to be frugal to run. We easily bettered 50mpg on our steady 70mph motorway touring test, and the readiness of Toyota’s hybrid powertrain to return good efficiency even in heavy traffic and around town means that an owner should be able to better our 44.3mpg overall test return in everyday use without trying.

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