Great minds often claim that getting to the top isn’t as tough as staying there. These people have, by and large, forgotten how hard the ascent was. More to the point, they don’t know the car business.

This is an industry where sales volume equals budget and, more often than not, budget delivers formidable contenders. That makes life that much harder for brands like Infiniti and cars like the Q70.

Better on paper than in the real world, where it is unconvincing

But this car’s shortcomings can’t all be excused, even by those who understand its maker’s plight. It rides and handles like a car that’s slightly misconceived as well as undernourished, its performance lacks any kind of lustre and its interior isn’t up to date or sufficiently versatile.

Although the Q70 may finally have the powertrain to appear on your company car list, the upshot is that it still doesn’t have the integrity or breadth of ability to seal the deal.