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New Veyron to arrive in 2012

Bugatti boss Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen has said that the company will replace the Veyron supercar around 2012 with another ultra high-end model. The confirmation confounds previous speculation that Bugatti would be wound-up when Veyron production comes to an end.“We will be staying on top of everybody else and we will not be producing a smaller, or cheaper car and we will not be moving volumes up. Bugatti customers are very extreme people,” he told Autocar.

Paefgen said that Bugatti hasn’t finally decided on the new model. One high-level source told us that the company was considering a second model line possibly a luxury saloon to rival the Rolls-Royce Phantom. He also told us that advanced biofuel technology was being considered and even diesel. The possibility of Bugatti sharing components with Bentley is also being discussed at a high level. If Bugatti was to give the go ahead to a saloon, the car would be likely to share a platform, and other major components, with the next Arnage, due in 2012. Autocar has also learned Bugatti will build an even more extreme version of the Veyron as the end of the current model’s production cycle. Although it is still officially denied by the company, we understand that some customers have put deposits down on a more powerful 'GT' version. According to Bugatti engineering boss, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, it will be possible to get more power and torque from the 987bhp, quad-turbocharged 16-cylinder engine: "We can go to 1106lb ft of torque and we currently have [922lb ft] - and with a turbocharged engine, engineers are always working on getting higher power." There has been speculation that the Veyron GT could top 1200bhp and be capable of 270mph.

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Jon Hardcastle 2 September 2008

Re: Bugatti plans Veyron replacement

Long Hose wrote:

Don't argue with him ! He'll never stop ! He'll be claiming it was them that won the war next !

I think you have misunderstood me Long Hose, I am not after an argument, just making my point. I don't have a problem with Jackflash.

Long Hose 1 September 2008

Re: Bugatti plans Veyron replacement

Don't argue with him ! He'll never stop ! He'll be claiming it was them that won the war next !

Jon Hardcastle 1 September 2008

Re: Bugatti plans Veyron replacement

jackjflash wrote:

There was a TVR that would show up for our local SCCA track days, it was a very cool car, but correct me if I am wrong, even your countrymen complained about the build quality and now unfortunately its gone too, a very cool car none the less.

Correct. My point was that TVR tried to get away from borrowing parts from other manufacturers in a bid to remain unique. Using plenty of machined alloy parts etc. really made them stand out, and they managed to do this very well and while keeping the asking price within reasonable limits.

Build quality was more to do with electrical issues and the smell of resin from the body work.