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Production of the all-electric Fortwo will begin in France next month

Daimler has announced series production of the new Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will begin next month.

Production of the all-electric city car will take place at the Hambach factory in France and it was announced when French president Nicolas Sarkozy visited the plant.

The first 1000 units will be produced from next month, with full series production set to begin in 2012. The first vehicles will be sent to major cities across Europe and the US for extensive testing.

Dieter Zetsche, Daimler chairman, said: “The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive proves that emission-free driving in an urban environment is already feasible today.

“With our decision to locate production here at the parent plant in Hambach, we are setting the course both for series production of electric vehicles and for the future of this highly innovative assembly plant.”

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