Limited edition Rolls-Royce revealed; celebrates firm's completion of Alpine Trial in 1913
Jim Holder
19 April 2013

This Rolls-Royce Ghost Alpine Trial Centenary car has been unveiled on the eve of the Shanghai motor show.

The car has been created to commemorate the company’s finish on the 1820-mile Alpine trial event 100 years go. Rolls-Royce has not said how many Alpine Trial Centenary cars will be build, but says it will be a "limited edition".

Its styling takes cues from James Radley's Silver Ghost which took part in the event. Inspiration includes the two-tone exterior with a black grille and black alloy wheels.

Inside, the car’s veneer is inlayed with a graphic that expresses the topography and distances of the Alpine route.

Other features include rear picnic tables and an alternative clock that shows the timing of each stage of the original rally.

Such limited edition cars are a tradition for high-end car makers at Chinese shows, where buyers intent on getting the most exclusive models money can buy can often be found wandering the show floor, looking to buy. 

However, the Ghost Alpine Trial Centenary Edition will see action: it will join 20 Silver Ghosts on an event re-enacting the Alpine Trial this June.

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Rolls-Royce Ghost

The Rolls-Royce Ghost looks every inch a gorgeous, forward-thinking Rolls. But can it be as good as it looks?

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19 April 2013

This car has got so little to do with the events of 1913 - in effect, nothing - that the reference is insulting.

19 April 2013

How long would it take before an owner tired of explaining that Alpine topography wood inlay to others? I dare say RR would sell you one without it though. It does seem RR are perhaps now a little too keen to make use of their historical milestones. Wonder what will be next? Probably won't have to wait too long to find out...

19 April 2013

Well, I suppose if you have more money than taste this might appeal. In the end it has wait for it: a paint job, that I'm sure if I was buying one of the 'stock' models I could specify. 

I think RR knows its market better than us, the Chinese are gullible and happy to part with their money for such shallow 'special editions'. They only want to show off to their mates - let them I say and leave us Europeans with raking in the tidy profits made on such follies! 

19 April 2013

That Alpine topography! What? Hilarious.

Wide cars in a world of narrow.

19 April 2013

Next week will see the launch of the 1970s Celebrity-Car-Of-Choice Special Edition Rolls Royce, to commemorate the fact that many celebrities owned Rolls Royces in the 1970s.

The 1970s Celebrity-Car-Of-Choice Special Edition will be available for every style of Rolls Royce, and they will be exactly the same as the car upon which they are based.

The only option will be two full sets of golf clubs - crafted from solid gold & inlaid with diamonds - each in chrome bags bearing Rolls Royce 1970s Celebrity-Car-Of-Choice Special Edition plaques.

The run is limited to however many RR can sell.

19 April 2013

Erm, I like it, topography and all.

19 April 2013

@swissrangie just because its not to your taste doesn't make it bad taste. Don't be so arrogant. 

19 April 2013

Once again the majority of commenters moan and take the mic. Best to stick to car magazine for intelligent comments

20 April 2013

Considering some of the 'customising' that takes place in China, I think RR's effort is subtle and subdued. It'll sell well !

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