Currently reading: Vauxhall considers flagship 400bhp Insignia VXR
Refreshed Insignia VXR, spied in Germany, could be joined by a hotter version
Mark Tisshaw
1 min read
17 August 2012

Vauxhall is weighing up the possibility of launching an Insignia saloon with as much as 400bhp as a flagship for its VXR performance brand.

Although far from a production certainty, it is understood Vauxhall is keen to push the Insignia VXR’s 2.8-litre V6 engine to close to its maximum output and give the car a series of comprehensive engineering changes to afford it some serious performance credibility.

The standard Insignia VXR will get its own cosmetic update in a year’s time. The rest of the Insignia range is due both styling and engineering changes at the same time.



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VX220EDDIE 17 August 2012

theres no wonder it doesnt

theres no wonder it doesnt sell in huge numbers with the price of road tax and running costs these days. what Vauxhall/Opel need to do is bring in a VXR'D/OPC'D with the bi turbo diesel engine, for me the VXR range look spot on its just the running costs that put most off.

AutoChomp 17 August 2012

They can make a case for it

They can make a case for it as the engine will be used in other cars. I imagine the new Caddy ATS-V would use it. Possibly the next Buick Grand Regal... I think the Insignia VXR is a superb car. I would have to have it in a "normal" colour though. A bit too OTT in others.

This will make the non VXR V6 Turbo a bargain. The VXRs seem to hold value (relatively). The ones just underneath drop like stones.




Peter Cavellini 17 August 2012

As if?

That will make all the difference?,rarity, i think i've seen maybe 6 of them,shame really,but badge snobbery won't let them be recognized as a performance car.