New Smart Fortwo will go on sale in the US, priced from $25,000
Mark Tisshaw
27 March 2013

Smart has confirmed that the all-electric Fortwo ED will go on sale in the US.

Priced from $25,000 (approximately £16,500), the Smart will be offered in hatchback and cabriolet body styles.

This means that the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will be the only electric convertible on sale in the US.

With the electric motor generating 96lb ft instantly, the 0-62mph sprint is dispatched in under 13 seconds.

The Smart's maximum range is claimed to be in the region of 90 miles.

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Our Verdict

Smart Fortwo 2007-2014

The Smart Fortwo is a unique proposition. Its emotional appeal is unquestionable and it is one of the most novel and innovative cars available.

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28 March 2013

This car seems perfect for all electric power.   The current petrol and diesel models are only really suitable for urban use anyway due to the limited dynamics of the vehicle.    An electric drivetrain should also remove the unpleasant manual and terrible automatic gearbox issues.      An electric Smart may be the best Smart yet?

29 March 2013

I've got a diesel fortwo and use it for work covering all of Scotland, average annual mileage is 25-30k. Copes just fine thank you very much. Not saying that a 5 series bmw would nor make a better companion, but it is a lot more expensive to run compared to my smart! 

As for th electric version, I do agree that the smart is a perfect candidate for it. Like the Twizy, however, where would most city dwellers, who live in flats, charge them? 

7 April 2013

I live in a first floor flat with a parking space 20m away. How exactly am I supposed to charge my EV at home? Run a cable out the window? I don't think so. As a result, this Smart, Nissan's Leaf and Renault's Zoe & Twizy twins are all hopelessly impactical to me and many people like me. Plus, the nearest charging point from my place of work is 1.5 miles away. Am I expected to walk the remaining distance back and forth each day? Sorry, if it has to be an EV then it has to be a range extender. Pure EVs work in theory, but not in practice. Well, not yet where I live and work anyway.

13 May 2013

We live in a flat with undergroung parking and the solution was to drop a cable down the shaft where the sewage pipe is.  However, a better solution is to look to installing an external point, if a location can be found on an eternal wall - where parking is allowed. The challenge is to get a coordination with the managing agents and the power supply company.  As the EV charger comes with a meter.  It should not be too difficult for those readings to be billed to you.  In todays market you will have more of a chance with one meter/one car.  In the future with demand for multi users, then the charger type and metering requirements will be greater - so will be the cost.  Suggest you apply for a survey from one of the companies offer 75% subsidy and get them to make feasible suggestions - the survey is free!

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