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Special edition Bugatti could cost £1.4m each

Bugatti may create one of the world’s most exotic cars - but that hasn’t stopped it creating a few limited editions towards the end of the Veyron’s life.

These are said to be images of the Veyron Centenaire, leaked ahead of the car’s unveiling at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este tomorrow in Italy. You can see the fully gallery by clicking on 'More pics' above.

The Centenaires have been made to commemorate the racing careers of Grand Prix drivers Malcolm Campbell, Jean-Pierre Wimille, Achille Varzi, and Hermann Zu Leiningen, and mimic the look of each of the drivers' cars.

The main visual change from the standard Veyron is alloy wheels inspired by those on the Bugatti Type 35.

The Veyrons also get polished alloy doors, body-coloured intakes, a polished grille and red brake calipers.

Inside, the headrests have been embroidered with the signature of one of the drivers and there is a plaque to denote that this is a special edition.

Mechanically it is likely the cars will be exactly the same as a standard Veyron.

Prices are yet unknown but some reports suggest the cars could go for 1.6m euros (£1.4m) apiece.

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