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The Tesla Model S will be available from 2012 in North America and will cost from $49,900

The Tesla Model S will be available to buy in mid-2012, when it goes on sale in North America.

The first 1000 cars will be the North American ‘Signature Series’ - equipped with a battery with a 300-mile range – and will feature "an extensive complement of options", according to sales boss George Blankenship.

European left-hand versions will begin towards the end of 2012, with right-hand drive variants available half a year later. As in North America, the launch models for each region will be ‘Signature Series’ editions.

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Prices will start from $49,900 for a battery pack with a 160-mile range, rising by $10k for the 230-mile version and finally the range-topping 300-mile variant, which adds $20k to the base price.

Tesla expects to sell approximately 5000 units in 2012, ramping production up to 20,000 units from 2013.

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