Pre-ordering system makes it impossible to predict how many cars have been sold
22 April 2009

Tata has denied reports that it has taken over 500,000 orders for the Nano, claiming that it will not know how many Nanos will be pre-ordered until several days after the booking process ends on Saturday, 25 April.

“We’re not sure how many orders we’ve taken yet,” said a spokesperson. “It’s going to be difficult to trace the final numbers quickly.”

The firm also said it didn’t know how many order forms had been sold as part of the booking process for the Nano, which involves potential purchaser buying an order form for 300 rupees (£4).

Tata said the scale of the ordering operation, taking place at over 30,000 locations across India including some remote rural areas, meant it was impossible to accurately keep track of the number of orders until the process was complete.

Our Verdict

Tata Nano

Cheap and undeniably cheerful. Unbelievable value, if only you could buy one in the UK.

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