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A zero-emissions Skoda could be based on the VW E-Up

Skoda could add an electric car to its range on the back of Volkswagen’s E-Up concept car.

A zero–emissions vehicle in the next few years has not been ruled out, although the Czech manufacturer would have to rely on the technology currently being developed by parent company, VW.

The E-Up concept previewed at Frankfurt and is scheduled for launch at the end of next year. The model has 18kW batteries that can be charged in five hours, giving a range of 80 miles.

Because of an agreement with the VW group regarding the sharing of technology, if the E-Up goes ahead then Skoda would likely have to wait two years before it could roll out its own version, but it is something the company would seriously consider.

“If VW or Audi develop this technology then it is a great opportunity for Skoda to develop a car like this,” a company source told Autocar, “but they must do it first.”

Ollie Stallwood


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Uncle Mellow 15 October 2009

Re: Skoda considering electric car

I just don't understand all the hype about the VW "UP"

Since they aren't really sure where they are going to put the engine , it seems more style-driven or marketing-driven than engineering-driven.

val. 15 October 2009

Re: Skoda considering electric car

Symanski wrote:
Around Scotland Skoda's are the choice of car for Taxis.

So it's true what they say about Scots?,,,,, But they no a good car when they see one.

Toni_47 15 October 2009

Re: Skoda considering electric car

To be more precise, it is both VW with the Golf TwinDrive as well as its subsidiary SEAT division with the Leon TwinDrive which are developping the electric car and hybrid technology for the group.