Family hatchback scores maximum points in Euro NCAP test
26 November 2008

The new Renault Megane has scored a maximum 37 points in its Euro NCAP test.

The Nissan Qashqai is the only other vehicle to achieve the maximum score. Due to new headrests and a collection of other safety features, the new Megane has joined the Qashqai as the equal highest scoring car in the industry-wide benchmark.

In total, six airbags have been fitted to the new Renault Megane, with two twin-chamber thorax/groin airbags in addition to ‘intelligent’ side-impact sensors first used on the latest Laguna.

The new design of the headrest will also leave the Megane in a favourable position for the upcoming revised Euro NCAP tests. The revised headrests allow the passenger’s head to sink further into the curved headrest, decreasing the probability of damage to the neck vertebrae.

The revised rating system is scheduled to be introduced in February next year. These will include a single overall star rating rather than the current system of three categories.

George Barrow

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Renault Megane

The Renault Megane looks bland, and it's not that good to drive either

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26 November 2008

Impressive stuff. However, looking on the Euro-Ncap website, my Ford Focus has a higher protection score for my kids, and also if I run someone over I stand a better chance of not killing them!

26 November 2008

Renault have always been the masters of engineering thier cars to suit the Euro NCAP, so it is little surprise that the Megane was going to do so well.



It's all about the twisties........

26 November 2008

fair point Renault have always been good at engineering their cars to suit the Euro NCAP tests only. Maybe if they looked into all the tests that have to be done to get a good score in the US aswell as Europe I'd want to own one for safety reasons.Would sooner have a big rollover accident in a Merc, BMW or Lexus, more likely to walk away unscathed as I know those cars are tested for such things.

26 November 2008

Always amazes me how people will always find something nagative to say about something clearly as positive as this. The car scored maximum in the NCAP ratings, how can you comment on its roll over ability etc when there is no data provided. And badge snobs (been there myself) take a look at this car, not only does it look great in the metal (just seen one at my local dealership who are launching it today) but its a huge leap forward in quality of construction. Some press are saying its bland !!! ? It made the focus parked next to it look a little dated. As for the new Golf, now thats bland...

26 November 2008

I'm sure there is an art to engineering a car to score well in NCAP, but Renault's have always scored pretty well since the early days of the testing programme. I doubt Renault are more or less guilty than anyone else of engineering cars to perform well in particular tests.

We can only hope that the NCAP people design their tests to be as naturalistic as possible. The Swedish Folksam insurance company do a lot of research using real-life crashes that gives a good guide for both new and older cars

Rollover is particularly important for SUV loving Americans of course.

26 November 2008

[quote Vanquish]Always amazes me how people will always find something nagative to say about something clearly as positive as this[/quote]

It wasnt meant to be a totally negative comment. Fair play to Renault for designing a car to get maximum points in an NCAP test.

Just trying to get across that those manufacurers who do the testing for all world markets don't have to shout about their cars being Euro NCAP 5*, its just accepted that they are safe. Renault need to move away from the flogging of the NCAP tests results as their USP, its not the bee all and end all of a cars quality.

Would really like to see a Renault put through the real world tests that the American government stipulate a car must pass, then I will agree that a Renault is a safe car, not that they aren't safe cars already I might add!

26 November 2008

No doubt that it was designed to pass the NCAP tests but if it improves overall safety who cares? Check out the marginal whiplash scores though. Not that impressive.

If it came down to it I'd rather be in a Saab, Volvo, VW, Mercedes etc in a crash. These are companies that have always made safe, solid cars and have not jumped on the Euro NCAP bandwagon to get a few extra sales.

26 November 2008

I agree with Vanquish - the Megane doesn't look bland! In comparison with the old model, only maybe, but compared with a Golf or a Focus, certainly not! So the rear end may not be totally inspiring, but the front is pretty unique. The quality inside is also astounding, and it's brilliant value for money. As for the safety, again, well done Renault for setting a benchmark (in conjunction with Nissan) yet again!

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

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