Currently reading: Police delayed Cameron's Jag
Armoured Jaguar XJ required testing before being released to PM

David Cameron was unable to arrive in Downing Street in a new Jaguar XJ because the car was still being tested by Metropolitan police, according to reports.

Jaguar is said to have rushed to have two armoured versions of the latest XJ ready in order to capitalise on the publicity from having Britain's new prime minister arrive in office in the car.

However, the new Prime Minister was forced to to arrive at Number Ten in an old generation car because police tests hadn't been completed on the new model.

Instead, he took delivery of the latest generation car the following day and will now continue to use it for ministerial business.

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bomb 25 May 2010

Re: Police delayed Cameron's Jag

VX220EDDIE wrote:
why dont they all practice what they preach and drive around in hybrids

Cameron has had a GS450h for the last 3 or 4 years. He's had to give it up for the armoured XJ.

uk_supercar_fan 25 May 2010

Re: Police delayed Cameron's Jag

Lee23404 wrote:
I dont think you can get a bulletproof Prius at the moment, I have looked on the Toyota website, but armour is not on the list of options

add a tonne of armour to a Prius and bang goes your 'eco mobile'.....

frarob 24 May 2010

Re: Police delayed Cameron's Jag

Yes indeed. The American President does get a serious piece of native engineering, as does his support entourage. I will go on record as saying I am not much of a fan of either, but I do respect the office as well as the machinery provided. This die hard auto fanatic, with family roots in Scotland and more interest in vehicles "from abroad" than Asia thoroughly enjoys this site, its features, and its passionate debate. I get to sponge reviews of so many vehicles we do not have the option to purchase here - nothing from France, and only high price exotics from Italy. No Scirocco, no Polo. Jaguar, Land Rover, and MINI only from GB. Land of the free and home of the brave - certainly on paper...