Armoured Jaguar XJ required testing before being released to PM
28 May 2010

David Cameron was unable to arrive in Downing Street in a new Jaguar XJ because the car was still being tested by Metropolitan police, according to reports.

Jaguar is said to have rushed to have two armoured versions of the latest XJ ready in order to capitalise on the publicity from having Britain's new prime minister arrive in office in the car.

However, the new Prime Minister was forced to to arrive at Number Ten in an old generation car because police tests hadn't been completed on the new model.

Instead, he took delivery of the latest generation car the following day and will now continue to use it for ministerial business.

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24 May 2010

Ahh, Interesting to hear the story...

Im sure I was one of many wondering why he wasnt in the new model! I'm sure it would have been cost effective for Jaguar to give him one for free for the marketing it would provide!

24 May 2010

I was thinking the same thing, The midlands Police forces are going to be using XF's so I was shocked to hear that a prime bit of advertising had been missed. To be fair anyone who was really interested would have seen the great video's online. Then when your average MD is 50+ it still helps to be on telly at prime time..

24 May 2010

[quote Autocar]Police delayed Cameron's Jag[/quote]

so nothing to do with the 9 months delay by Jaguar in getting the XJ launched, from its 'launch' in July '09 to being available in April/May '10?

Did the directors at Gaydon not know that the general election was bound to happen in May '10? Dear, oh dear, I don't mind the lazy, overtimed-up rozzers getting a kicking but blaming plod because you overran your launch schedule by nearly a year is a joke.


24 May 2010

So who gets the second one? Clegg? And what is the "standard" ministerial car these days?


24 May 2010

[quote GD]

So who gets the second one? Clegg? And what is the "standard" ministerial car these days?


I've already seen Clegg in a new one on TV last week.

Osbourne has been in a Mondeo. Poor chap.

24 May 2010

why dont they all practice what they preach and drive around in hybrids

24 May 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]why dont they all practice what they preach and drive around in hybrids

I''m not sure anyone would take them seriously. I guess a car says alot about who you are - and a Prius just doesnt say leader.

I think its right that the PM should have a Jag, for one because its British. He should be in the Jag and they should have Range Rovers flanking for security (Which I think is what they do)

+ A Hybrid just doesnt have any power in case of emergencies.

24 May 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]drive around in hybrids[/quote]

I am sure if Jaguar made a hybrid then Mr Cameron would use it, providing it had the neccesary power to get out of trouble.

One thing is for sure, it is only right that our Prime Minister is seen supporting British made products.


24 May 2010

seriously, this made the news! slow week then?

24 May 2010

Excellent global product placement by Jaguar. And, with any luck, we (the taxpayers) shouldn't have to pay for them. Remember the stories about Aston Martin and the James Bond movies?


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