Launch ‘site for £1300 car lets you pile on the extras and funk up your own Nano
10 January 2008

Alloy wheels, fog lights, sports grilles and racing stripes aren’t extras you expect on the cheapest car in the world, but if you order one of the just-announced Tata Nanos through Tata’s launch website for the car, it seems, you can have ‘em.Potential customers can option-up their dream Nano at Ours, as you can see, has Ink Blue paint, a black sports scoop, a silver Gordini-style roof stripe, radial spoke alloy wheels, fog lamps and coloured covered seats. Nice.There’s no indication yet as to how much these options might add to the car’s £1300 price tag, but for such a majestic-looking motor car, whatever it is has to be a price worth paying.

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11 January 2008

And how much for a set of spinner rims? And a set of fuzzy dice to hang from the rear-view mirror (if it has one)? A chrome whistler tip (if it even has a muffler)? I want this car in Need For Speed 7.0. I want to see it drift.

But most of all, I want to see the the fuel consumption, CO2, NOx, SOx, fine soot numbers. I want to know the carbon footprint. I want to see how well they recycle. I want to see the the EuroNCAP score.

But they will boost the economy. They will make the price of steel increase. They will make the price of oil increase. By the shear number by which they will be produced. It's a sad day for the environment. Long live the economy.


14 January 2008

I hope the car looks better than that shown in the review. However, the majority of people buying this car will be either those who want a cheap and cheerfull runabout and don't care about it's looks, or those who need wheels but cannot afford anything more expensive. Looking at it what other reasons can you think of for someone wanting one?

Therefore, why offer these tacky meaningless options. People will know you drive this car for one of the reasons above so why draw attention to it?

15 January 2008

Strangely, I want one.

Mind you, if it came to the UK I wonder how much it would end up costing? £3k-£4k?

Shame the whole Rover tie up isn't still going, would look good as a "Lego Land" Rover.



It's all about the twisties........

15 January 2008

[quote TegTypeR]Shame the whole Rover tie up isn't still going, would look good as a "Lego Land" Rover[/quote]

Sorry, having just re-read that I am sure there would be some infringment of rights with Land Rover.

Errr, what else could we call it, so to have it in keeping Rovers previous naming policy? How about a "Village Rover"?



It's all about the twisties........

21 January 2008

[quote Kee Law]

because they need to make some profit from this venture. noble or not, they need to make some profit to survive.


Are you trying to tell me the basic car is a lost leader?

23 January 2008

[quote Kee Law]

i believe Tata's intention was that the basic model would break even only.


Sorry Kee Law, does not compute with me. In sales I understand the requirement sometimes for lost leaders (Sprat to catch the Mackrel). However, look at why Rover launched the Metro. It was to save the company from probable bankrupcy.

Small cars mean smaller profits pro rata to larger models, but the volume of sales far outstrips that of other models, therefore creating massive profits. No company in it's right mind would launch a small car aimed at high volume sales just to break even.

What would be the point?

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