New Megane to start at £13,995; on sale later this year
2 October 2008

The wraps have just come off the new Renault Megane here in Paris, and we can report that in the metal it's a fine-looking car.

Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn admits that the new car is the company's most important model since it launched the current Clio. The Megane has to improve the brand's fortunes after the current Laguna flopped. Renault has reverted to the trick it used with the original Megane, offering a lower and sportier three-door version, which is described as a coupe.

Keen entry level pricing will mean the 1.6-litre, three-door version costs £13,995 when it goes on sale in the UK in November.

Renault's environmental credentials are also very much to the fore here on the Paris show floor, with Renault emphasising that four models in the new Megane range will offer CO2 emissions of under 120g/km.

Mike Duff

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Renault Megane

The Renault Megane looks bland, and it's not that good to drive either

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2 October 2008

Love it!! The Coupé is gorgeous - RENAULT ARE BACK!!! The Concepts are also true Renault madness, and that Kangoo Be Bop really reminds me of the Mk1 Twingo. Can't wait to see them in the metal!

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

2 October 2008

i for one am wondering if they can make all that electrical frippery reliable(automatic handbrake in 3-4 years time?), and the engines trouble free and consistent.

based on the woeful ownership proposition of the curent megane, one of which i have right now, i sincerely hope they can.

being seduced by looks alone with no substance to back it up is a mistake i wont make again.

my car has done 37000miles and feels towards the end of its life...and its 3 yrs old.

who would have thought a car made in 2005 would have such a short shelf life.

Renault will not recover the trust of some current owners, this i know for sure.

2 October 2008

I know there is much talk of Renault reliability probs, but from my own experience and that of people I know (mostly Clios, no Meganes) they're no worse than many other brands.

I thrashed the nuts off my old (second-hand) clio 172 for 35k with barely a problem (the washer bottle split, fixed with some silicon sealant). Much of that time was spent with the tacho the far side of 5k rpm, bouncing off the bumps stops down country lanes to and from work. It's without doubt my most fondly remembered car, no rose-tints required.

2 October 2008

from what i know, the megane 2 suffers particular and peculiar faults not necessarily experienced by other renaults...

the clio is probably their most well regarded car for reliabilty, and certainly the 172 generation.

while each owners experience is individual, i know from the uk forum that the megane has many common, persistent and expensive faults, and that many owners still love them, while just as many despise them.

im not quite sure where i would fit in as mine is so inconsistent that my relationship with it changes daily.

i wonder if the laguna sales decline is part of a wider renault backlash...certainly renault needs to address reliability and brand confidence, but toning the design down when that is what used to actually sell them, and, concentrating on (unproven) quality, which most certainly didn't, appears not to be paying off.

i do hope renaults become more durable, and the confidence returns to recover their design flair.

3 October 2008

Either way, I think many of the European brands need to learn from the Japanese and Korean companies.

Have Renault announced if they'll be offering the 5 year warranty for the new Megane that they started with teh Laguna? Haven't read anything about this, but it could be a good move to restore some faith and beat the Euro premium brands to it.

4 April 2014
it will be interesting to read the first driving impressions in due course.


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