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More official pictures released to co-incide with production

More official pictures of the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports open-top supercar have been released, to coincide with the start of production at the company's Molsheim factory in France.

The pictures were taken in locations including Napa Valley, Rome and Sardinia during the past 12 months.

The Grand Sport weighs just 53kg more than its coupe sister, and its carbonfibre monocoque has been redesigned and stiffened to offer equivalent crash protection to that offered by the hardtop car.

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The removable roof panel is made from polycarbonate and is see-through, although to drive the car as a convertible it has to be left at home. However, the Grand Sport does come with a fabric ‘umbrella’ stored in the luggage space, which can be fitted to give temporary weather protection at up to 85mph.

For roll-over protection, the Veyron coupe’s distinctive air intakes are re-designed to include 100mm wide carbon-fibre tubes to protect occupants. The maximum theoretical speed without the roof in place is 227mph.

Deliveries start in July and 30 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports have already ordered. Production is expected to be limited to 150 cars, with around 40 being built a year.

Prices start from £1.14 million before taxes.


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