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New Range Rover will sit between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport
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6 August 2010

Range Rover is planning to slot another model into its line-up between the new Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, according to well placed sources.

Encouraged by the reception to the Evoque, bosses in the company now believe there could be scope for another niche model.

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It would cost more than the £35k baby, but less than the Sport, which currently starts at £46k and is likely to move further upmarket.

Development of the fourth model is at such an early stage that Land Rover has yet to fully define the nature of this car, although there have been rumours of a seven-seat ‘lifestyle’ vehicle for several months.

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However, the new car will need to provide a tangible variation on what buyers are offered by the existing trio of Range Rovers.

It will share components with forthcoming Land Rover models and help the firm’s push towards lower average CO2 emissions.

The plan to expand the Range Rover portfolio is part of wider ambitions to increase Land Rover’s model offering.

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The Jaguar Land Rover group is now the subject of an aggressive growth strategy, initiated by Tata Motors CEO Carl-Peter Forster and new JLR boss Ralf Speth.

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6 August 2010

Do we need another one? Instead, how about a radically updated loveable Landie, just as bullet proof as the current, but easier on the gas?

6 August 2010

Its interesting to see how a 7 seat Range Rover would work unless they make it drastically different to the Discovery. At least you can see the Evoque as a replacement for the old 3 door Freelander. I've seen a pic of a 5 door Evoque which looks about the same size as the Freelander 2.

6 August 2010

Just LR showing yet again that they don't know what they're doing.


6 August 2010

Talk about milking the Range Rover name for all it's worth....

6 August 2010

Do you know what? I think they do know what they are doing. My suspicion is that this is actually a move to make the Discovery part of the Range Rover range. Makes sense really becuase the Disco competes with the RR now so why not call it a 7 seater version of the RR instead and have customers see the Disco from a different perspective. Of course, the RR brand might be worth a little premium over Discovery name too. I think there is method to the madness. Discovery will be dropped or morphed into something else.

6 August 2010

[quote A previously banned member]My suspicion is that this is actually a move to make the Discovery part of the Range Rover range[/quote]
Yes, from what I've previously heard the feeling is that the Disco has become too luxurious to be a "Land Rover" so will evolve into a RR branded vehicle, while the next Defender will spawn a lower-spec equivalent, more along the lines of the original Discovery.
As long as they can make enough vehicles of each type, I think it is a decent enough strategy.

6 August 2010

Yes, this does make sense, as Tata have said that they want to aim at the more basic pick-up market as in the Hilux/L200 etc as this market is worth 3 million vehicles or so worldwide (according to Autocar!) LR currently has much of the UK 'posh' 4x4 market so there is little room for expansion but they only sell a small number of utilities and the market in India/Asia for cheaper utility types is huge. This would allow them to morph the Discovery back towards that market along with a new Defender and make them in India to keep them cost competitive. While still milking the more wealthy for the posh Range Rovers.

6 August 2010

Who's going to be the design 'consultant' on this one? Naomi Campbell? Seriously, LR should maybe see how sales go on the Evoque first before watering-down the Range Rover name further.

6 August 2010

Yes it makes sense , don't forget that the disco and RRSport are built on the same ladder chassis and many components are identical so what is the fuss RR has the better prestige.

What does annoy me is that no manufacturer caters for more than 4 in cars the middle person has to sit on a pretty uncomfortable armrest back and unshaped base even all the off roaders RR RRsport, freelander x5 ml xc 70 and 90 why cant you have seats like the s max, galaxy grand piccasso etc ie individual rear seats.


6 August 2010

its going to be a 7 seat freelander...


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