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Jaguar will unveil its new continuation model in California in November, around the time of the Los Angeles motor show

The continuation version of Jaguar XKSS will be unveiled in California in mid-November around the time of the Los Angeles motor show (16-27 November).  

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Earlier this year Jaguar announced that it will build nine of the XKSS D-Type model to replace those lost in the 1957 Browns Factory fire.

Almost 60 years on, the nine cars will be hand-built by Jaguar at its new ‘Experimental Shop’ in Warwick, and will be constructed to the same exact specification as the original models produced in 1957.

Set to be priced in excess of £1 million, the very limited-run cars are being built specifically for a select group of collectors and customers. All nine examples have now been sold.

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Jaguar Land Rover Classic boss Tim Hannig said: “The XKSS occupies a unique place in Jaguar’s history and is a car coveted by collectors the world over for its exclusivity and unmistakable design.

“Jaguar’s highly skilled team of engineers and technicians will draw on decades of knowledge to ensure each of the nine cars are completely authentic and crafted to the highest quality. Our continuation XKSS reaffirms our commitment to nurture the passion and enthusiasm for Jaguar’s illustrious past by offering exceptional cars, services, parts and experiences.”

Jaguar says that knowledge gained from producing the Lightweight E-Type continuation series will be applied in making the new models.

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The XKSS was the road-going version of the original D-Type racer, which was first launched in 1954. Sir William Lyons took the decision in 1957 to transform the D-Type racer into a road-going version to try and recoup some investment into the 25 chassis built that remained unsold.

Minor modifications included the addition of a higher windscreen and an extra passenger door. The 3.4-litre engine and four-speed gearbox remained unchanged.

First deliveries of the continuation Jaguar XKSS model will commence early next year. 

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Maurice Ital 24 March 2016

Everybody says the E-Type was

Everybody says the E-Type was Jaguar's best car, but in truth it wasn't even Jaguar's best sportscar.

I'm really not havihg a pop at the fabulous E, I'm just clumsily trying to say that Sir William Lyons' company and its small team of purist engineers created an extraordinary legacy of great cars. It is bewildering to think that the firm faced extinction in the Seventies.

Jaguar's post war brilliance was driven by Lyon's ambition and created in the face of insurmountable odds. The Skilleter/Porter biography of Lyons leaves one with the uncomfortable feeling that Jaguar succeeded in a nation that was virulently anti-enterprise and which had collectively decided to push the self-destruct button.

Glad to see that Jaguar is to recreate the car that for me was the firm's best sportscar of the Lyons era, but his best car was surely the sublime XJ12?

Citytiger 24 March 2016

I think a nice run of

XK120s would go down well, but with modern running gear, a sort of restomod, but not restorations if you get my meaning.
TStag 24 March 2016

Building cars like this isn't

Building cars like this isn't going to stop JLR developing any new cars faster. For one thing this requires a different skill set. JLR aren't short of cash which is a reason they are able to buy Silverstone. But the main reason they want Silverstone is so that they can build a new design facility there to bag sone F1 engineers to design and build new road cars. So actually it's money well spent!