Already on sale in Asian markets, the new 4x4 looks set to arrive in the UK in early of 2018; previous-generation car axed in 2006
10 November 2017

The new Mitsubishi Shogun Sport will go on sale in the UK in Spring following a launch at the end of this year, the brand has announced.

The seven-seat model, which is already on sale in Asia as the Pajero Sport, is currently going through the final stages of UK homologation. 

"We expect to complete those tests shortly and then we just have to present the data to the engineers in Japan to ratify it," said brand managing director, Lance Bradley.

The large SUV will be sold here exclusively with a 2.4-litre diesel engine that develops 179bhp and 317lb ft. This will be mated to a new eight-speed automatic gearbox and Mitsubishi's Super Select 4WD II four-wheel drive system, which can operate in either two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive mode.

The Shogun Sport will be priced from about £26,000, ranking it between the Outlander and the full-sized, off-road-focused Shogun in Mitsubishi's range.

Bradley expects the Shogun Sport, which is based on the L200’s platform, to become one of the brand's biggest sellers, adding around 3000-4000 sales to its annual figures. This would rank it behind the Outlander PHEV (which is predicted to attract 11,000 sales this year) and the new Eclipse Cross, which is also due for launch next January.

Two specs will be available from launch, with hill descent assistance, trailer start assist,, hill start assist and an off-road traction control, with multiple drive modes to suit different terrains, as standard, as well as  leather upholstery, keyless entry and push-button start. 

"The Eclipse could actually overtake the Outlander," said Bradley, "because it's a much more mainstream model and will get a range of petrol, diesel and hopefully plug-in hybrid drivetrains."

The pictured Shogun Sport was spotted by Indianautosblog late last year at Twickenham Stadium. The sighting suggested Mitsubishi, which sponsors English rugby, was drumming up interest in the upcoming model.

The previous-generation Shogun Sport model was last seen in UK showrooms in 2006, before being discontinued. 

Meanwhile, the fifth-generation Shogun, which will be available as a plug-in hybrid, is expected by 2019.

"The Shogun is slightly hard to justify for investment, being a small-volume car," said Bradley.

He added that one of the advantages of Mitsubishi's newly formed tie-up with Nissan was platform sharing, hinting that this would help to accommodate the next-generation Shogun.

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26 May 2016
That engine is only Euro 5 compliant in the L200, and has CO2 emissions of 173g/km. That's way off the pace. Stuff like Volvo's XC90 2.0 D5 produces 149g/km yet has more power (225bhp vs 178bhp) and carries a heavier car (2009kg vs 1860kg)

26 May 2016
Sorry. this thing they call a Shogun (Pajero) Sport is NOT A REAL Pajero / Shogun / Montero. The world has been moving towards full independent suspension and Monocoque body's over the last 50 or more years in all manner of vehicles (even The hummer of the Iraq war era has independent suspension). This Shogun (Pajero) Sport is a backward step compared to a proper Shogun (Pajero / Montero) which has had fully independent suspension and Monocoque body since 2000.

Shogun (Pajero) (proper) was so far ahead of the game in 2000, why Mitsubishi chose to ignore it is beyond comprehension. The main areas in need of evolutionary development since 2000 have been and continue to be:
(1) Modern, but solid up to date styling - think Range Rover.
(2) Improved low speed ride comfort - think Toyota Landcruiser Prado - but not at the expense of the Pajero’s class leading road handling.
(3) Refinement of Noise, Vibration and Harshness levels - think German, Toyota, or maybe even Korean.
(4) Improvement in body torsional strength - by modern standards. Don’t forget Pajero has well and truly proved its off road ability in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Just dealing with points 1 and 2 would have increased sales these last 10 years and make it easier to justify.

Pajero Sport has many names across the globe and started life in the 1990’s as lower spec basic 4WD based on the Triton utility. The Pajero Sport is still based on a commercial utility vehicle. It’s not Sporty, It’s a Truck! Ok and its ugly too.

Talking about ugly, where does Mitsubishi get their stylists from – have they ever read the comments on their Pajero Concept drawings? Overwhelmingly Ugly, Ugly, Ugly.

BTW. I love my very Pajero (the proper one with independent suspension and Monocoque body) just wish they put some effort into a proper replacement rather than renaming something based on a Commercial Utility vehicle.

26 May 2016
Calm down dear, the Shogun/Pajero Sport has always been based on an L200. It's not trying to hide the fact.


26 May 2016
Exactly Courtster.
The Old Shogun Sport was always based on the L200 except with the addition of coil sprung rear end.
I had one as a company car for 3 years with the 3.0 V6 engine and auto box.
It was a great off road tool and not bad on road either. In all my 'off-road ventures, it never found anything to challenge its ability running BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres, and the frequent journies from the south of England to the Highlands was very comfortable. Cross winds could unsettle it a bit was the only fault, but it certainly was just as capable as a regular Shogun V6 which replaced it.
Greta tow car too pulled boats in and out of the water very easily.

26 May 2016
Always had a soft spot for the original car. This is very tempting. Proper off road capabilities. Old school. So what if it doesn't ride like a Rolls Royce, or go like a Ferrari. Makes a change from all the Cashcows & Kuga etc.

30 May 2017
The problem is most buyers of this type of car these days expect them to ride like a Rolls and go like a Ferrari, and very few buy them for their off-road/towing capabilities. I am sure this will be good at 'proper' 4x4 stuff but terribly compromised in 'normal' road use with its separate chassis. And that's before the truly horrendous 'styling'.

30 May 2017
Did they have a load of extra metal they still needed to use up? Did they realise at the last minute the boot would be too small without that comical rear overhang? It looks ridiculous, frankly.

30 May 2017
I'm pleased to see that Mitsubishi are at last releasing the Shogun Sport on the UK market,it's good to see that the company are releasing a proper seven seat 4x4 with a separate chassis that will be ideal for rural customers who need this sort of tough honest vehicle rather than the crossovers and fake SUV lookalikes that have come onto the market in this past decade.At an entry level priceof £26K it may have Toyota UK concerned about the Shogun Sport's effect on Landcruiser sales of which the cheapest five door seven seat model costs nearly £13500 more.

30 May 2017
.... why do they dribble down the back end? Nice enough, but prefer the Ford Ranger based 4x4 they sell in Asian / Australian markets, the Everest I think it is called. Looks much better and as they all ride and handle like the pickups they are based on .... better to drive no doubt as well.

30 May 2017
OMG are they serious ? - it looks like sh*t and its got a chassis from a farm vehicle


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