Currently reading: Mitsubishi plans Volt rival
Extended-range electric vehicle planned for 2010

Mitsubishi will launch an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) at the Tokyo motor show later this year, according to US reports.

Similar in concept to the Chevrolet Volt, the Mitsubishi EREV will be a compact SUV similar in size to the Toyota RAV4.

Its drivetrain will be similar to the Volt’s Voltec system, with a 660cc, three-cylinder petrol engine acting as a generator producing electricity for the EREV’s lithium ion batteries.

A range of 40 miles is claimed on electric power alone, with more than 200 miles possible with the help of the generator.

Mitsubishi is confident of putting its EREV into production by the end of 2010 because it already produces the i-MiEV city car, which shares the same lithium ion battery technology.

Mitsubishi has not confirmed the existence of the model yet, but sources claim it will appear at the Tokyo show in the autumn, when “our plans will be made clear”.

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