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The styling of all future Mercedes will be inspired by the F800 Style design concept

All future Mercedes will have styling their styling influenced by the F800 Style design concept, the firm's design boss Gorden Wagener has revealed.

Speaking to Autocar at the launch of the F800, Wagener revealed said the F800's front end will feature on all future Mercedes, starting with this year's next-generation CLS.

Wagener also said all future Mercedes would come with LED daytime lights as standard, although the light's "expression" would not be aggressive.

The classic 300SL gulliwng has provided much of the inspiration for future Mercedes. This is best seen in the horizontal light bar at the rear and front grille, although Wagener dismissed that Mercedes styling was retro, nor would it ever be aerodynamics-led.

What elements of the F800’s design will make production?

The front end shows our new brand face. All future models will get this and there will be a full alphabet of Mercedes cars with this front.

Is there enough brand identity in current Mercedes models?

We used to focus more on the product, but now our designs are more about brand and brand identity. We will lead in exterior and interior styling with progressive and contemporary designs.

So will there be more standardised styling with interiors, too?

Yes. There will be family recognition in our interiors and things like the F800’s centre console and wraparound dash will make production in future Mercedes. You can see the F800’s interior in a C-class.

What has inspired the F800’s styling?

Past designs are our inspiration, although we will never do retro or ‘trendy’ styling. The F800’s grille is inspired by the 300SL’s and so is the horizontal light bar at the rear. We will take classic designs and bring them into the future. This concept has also been inspired by classic Mercedes from the 1930s; that was the most beautiful car design period in history.

Will future designs be shaped by aerodynamics?

No. We will never sacrifice design for aero. F800 looks more aerodynamic than most of our cars, but aero won’t shape our designs. If you want improved aero, there’s lots of clever things you can do with floors, diffusers and so forth.

Will LED daytime running lights be standard on all future Mercedes?

Yes. We’re developing a signature design look at both the front and rear. You will be able to recognise the lights on a Merc. The facial expression will not be aggressive. Instead, there will be a self-assured and sophisticated look.

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turini 22 February 2010

Re: Mercedes' new design direction

Perhaps they will introduce arrow shaped indicators so that outside lane hoggers could see the appoaching Benz in their mirrors and know that an "assured and sophisticated" driver would like them to move over.........

catnip 22 February 2010

Re: Mercedes' new design direction

I wonder what the DRLs will be like on this "assured and sophisticated look" - I'm guessing nothing like an Audi then.

Welsh Wizard 22 February 2010

Re: Mercedes' new design direction

streaky wrote:

But this new design is still far too fussy. Like the current E class it displays a riot of swage lines sweeping all over the place. I don't consider Mercedes to have much of a design heritage because so many previous designs missed the mark, often being quite ill-proportioned, like the truncated current C class and many of the previous E classes. Mercedes' best efforts probably started in the late sixties with the pagoda roof SL. I could also mention the exceptionly neat 190E, the previous S class and the one a couple of versions before that. Simpler detailing and more elegant proportions is what Mr Wagener should be striving for.

Hear hear!