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Current car could yet get an oil burner, say Jaguar insiders
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25 March 2010

Plans to add a diesel engine to the current Jaguar XK are still being championed by some parts of the company, according to senior sources closely associated with the project.

Around 20 prototype diesel XKs have been built and tested, but the project was thought to have been canned because of reservations about the potential success of the model.

Arguments made against an XK oil-burner include the fact that it could cannibalise sales of the petrol XK in Europe, and that diesel power may sit oddly with Jaguar’s sportiest model, despite the considerable success of the diesel BMW 6-series.

The project’s supporters argue that while a diesel XK would take sales from the petrol version, XK sales are significantly down and they would benefit from a new variant — especially one that significantly increases the cost-effectiveness of the car. The recent acclaimed update of Jaguar’s twin-turbo 3.0 V6 diesel, which now has 271bhp, would make an oil-burning coupé still more credible.

It remains likely that the next generation of XK, due in 2013, will offer a diesel version from launch. In that car, which will be lighter than the current version, the engine could achieve a sub-5.0sec 0-60mph time. It would also help boost production to 10,000 to 12,000 units per year.

Richard Bremner

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25 March 2010

I expect it will happen, and i expect it will sell well. But i hope they dont. They should stick a manual box on the V8 instead.

And because they sell their diesel engine artificially cheap (its £7,000 less than the much less complex V8 in the XJ) it will lose them money unless they are conquest sales.

25 March 2010

Jaguar will have an order from me the moment its launched, its a wonderful traditional looking GT, just needing a wonderful Diesel to make the perfect euroexpress ! come on Jaguar, make it happen......please !

25 March 2010

XK desiel would be good. i know someone who would ditch his XF and buy one if it was launched and i would assume it would have similar performance levels to the V8. Torque is near enough the same to V8, 0 to 60 sprint is almost the same and bonus is its made of light weight aluminium so economy should be better. It should be made near enough to give out at least 300bhp if not more due to the fact its a Grand Tourer and needs to be fast when the need comes. The V6 diesel has been a huge success that the V6 petrol is little heard of in the XF and i heard its only built to order not ordered on batch loads and used when needed.

I also agree 100% that they need a Manual gearbox with a V8 like the old XKR-R, which never got made because it would eat up the DB7 GT.

i would personally think the petrol engine's days are numbered unless they can get it to give much better economy and experiment with newer technology like merc's forced induction system approach. Better even if they can approach universities with a problem and see what ideas/concepts students come out with. its the cheapest approach to design and concept, benefits both parties by giving the student hands on experience and would help improve his/her understanding of the engineering concepts and in turn Jag gets almost free ideas that they can take on further or hire the student and start knocking heads together.

Come Jag, you got poeple here giving you free ideas to take inspiration from !!


25 March 2010

Think a decent electric engine outfit (a la Fisker/Tesla) would do wonders in an XK too since it will lower the point of gravitas, hence benefit handling. What's the timing for the XJ green limo anyway? Perhaps it coincides with the 2013 all new XK!?

25 March 2010

Jaguar must build this car. Pretty much every newish BMW 6 series I see these days is a diesel and that car is styled like a dog. The combination of XK styling and diesel power is a compelling mix that would probably double demand for the XK overnight.

Come on Jaguar, if you have built 20 prototypes you must know its the right move!

Maybe Jaguar should go back to Le Mans and go GT racing with a diesel engine to prove to all of these so called 'purists' that it is OK to do. Look at the results Peugeot and Audi had with doing this.

25 March 2010

0-60 in under 5 seconds in a diesel? Bloody hell... but then the Audi Q7 V12 does it in 4.9... yeah, they definitely need to make this model (and they definitely need a manual gearbox across the entire range, especially now the XJ is just a big XK!)

25 March 2010

"it could cannibalise sales of the petrol XK in Europe"

Well price it correctly so you make the same amount of profit!

Im sure it could increase sales by 50%. Jaguar need to realise that image is one thing but most car buyers - even at this level - are concerned about co2 emissions and tax.

The diesel would put it well under the 200g/km bracket and so massively increase the amount of potential buyers.

25 March 2010

This really is a no brainer. Look at the sales of the butt ugly 6 Series diesel .... yes you may lose some V8 sales, but you will gain loads of people wanting a good looking GT with Europe on a single tank (and lower company car tax etc). Currently they have no option but to buy the ugly Beemer, but they do of course ... cos it is a Beemer. Not a good looking svelte GT like the last 6 series ...

Make this car, and anyone with taste and the means ... buy this car!

25 March 2010

Return of the D-Type ... to LeMans in GT2? Not bad!

25 March 2010


Their plan should be to fit a 271bhp 2.0 petrol turbo to the new lightweight XK.

Why put heavy engines in a lightweight shell? that includes the big petrol aswell as the diesel.



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