Nano-rivalling city car concept to be revealed at Delhi show
21 December 2009

Honda will unveil a low-cost city car concept at the Delhi motor show next month.

The car, which is expected to be built in India and Thailand, is currently being referred to as the "New Small Concept".

It will be sold in emerging markets, but Honda insiders have suggested it could be sold in the West

The new Nissan Micra is being developed in much the same way; it is the first car to be built on a new global small car platform, designed to be cheap enough to build and sell in developing markets but also sophisticated enough for Western Europe.

The Honda concept will be launched in Delhi on 5 January - the same time as Toyota's clow-cost city car, which is codenamed EFC, or Entry Family Car. It is expected to be given a different production name, however.

A production date and target price for the Honda city car will be revealed at the Delhi show.

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21 December 2009

As cars continue to grow all makers need new small cars to fill in at the bottom of their range. As the Jazz is quite big, especially inside, there is plenty of room for a smaller car. A Honda alternative to the Toyoya Aygo would be interesting, and who cares where it is made if its as well engineered as Honda's are in general. But styling it for the 3rd worlds developing car market might not be the best approach for the europeans, so coming up with a decent compromise will be the tough thing. I look forward to seeing what this concept looks like. And with a bit of luck they might offer us a type r version at some stage. I love very little cars with plenty of poke

21 December 2009

It's also basically Honda admitting that the Jazz is too expensive to make and get a good profit margin given that it has to be reasonably competitive. In the UK it's a decent deal on paper, much cheaper now than the equiv. Ford Fiesta and with much better packaging, but Honda are making very little on each one sold. In a way it's a shame that Honda don't occasionally platform share, but I can't think of an appropriate partner for them right now that would have the platforms and technology they want without stealing sales (and vice versa for their partner)

21 December 2009

Could it be that both Honda and Nissan are going to

build their own Tata Nano? i wonder.

21 December 2009

Think the P-NUT design concept that was shown a few weeks back, will hint at this next Honda`s small cars size,shape and general layout...

Its going to be interesting to see what the power units will be... If the Jazz starts with 1200cc, then will we see a sub 1000cc unit powering this "my first" Honda? And will there be a electric version, hybrid or even a diesel?

Dont see much point in Honda making a sporty version of what will be 4 wheeled moped for the town and city shuttle, but I bet there will be a number of user friendly innovations in this forthcoming car that will make it a winner with its purchasers.

Think there is room in the showroom, for a sporty`ish Jazz though? How about a type S or even R Honda!!!! Maybe one with the forthcoming CR-Z`s 1.5 petrol unit and 6speeds?

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