Exclusive Autocar studio pictures of new four-door Aston; high-res Frankfurt pics just added
15 September 2009

Aston Martin’s first four-door sports car, the Rapide, has been snapped exclusively by Autocar in our studio. The car has been unveiled in production form at the Frankfurt motor show having been first shown as a concept in 2006.

Fitted with a hand-built 6-litre V12 the Rapide’s 470 bhp peak power is delivered at 6000 rpm and 443 lb ft peak torque at 5000 rpm.

See the high-res Aston Rapide gallery picture gallery

Aston sources have told Autocar at the Frankfurt motor show that the first models will be with customers by May 2010 and it is likely to cost £150,000. Continuing improvements are being made to the car, with 40mm extra headroom being added.

“Rapide is the culmination of the Aston Martin range of sports cars, a car that seals the revival of a truly admired marque. There is now an Aston Martin for every taste and for every use,” said chief executive, Dr Ulrich Bez.

“With Rapide, the entire family can enjoy their Aston Martin together in unison, in an invigorating yet comfortable environment, sitting low, with plenty of visibility from every seat and with new levels of comfort, refinement and entertainment.”

The Rapide has a 301 litre luggage compartment which allows all four passengers to carry soft bags and even sets of skis.

Tthe car will be available globally through Aston Martin’s 125 strong dealership network.

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15 September 2009

If they ever close Guatanamo detention camp and need a place for torture they could do worse than the back seat of a four door Aston Martin, plus sensory deprivation.

15 September 2009

What a shockingly dull piece of styling this is. Aston seems to think it achieved some sort of design perfection with the DB9, as Porsche does with the 911.

In both cases they are wrong, but at least the Panamera is funny.

15 September 2009

It does look like the rest of the aston range but who cares when they all look so drop dead sexy!

15 September 2009

What's up with all these new 4 door sports cars? AMG E-class not good enough for some?

Those rear seats look horrible and hard to sit on. Gimmie a big comfy E-class ANYDAY!

15 September 2009

This is certainly the most resolved of all the current 4 seat supercards that are being introduced, but surely if you are a millionaire you keep your DB9/Continental GT to go to the golf club and ferry the footballers wife and kids around in a Range Rover?

There is just not enough room in the back of these vehicles to tempt the limo/wedding car market!

15 September 2009

CLS 63 crushes this, save yourself a bucket of money and buy a Merc.

15 September 2009

The DB9 design is starting to get boring now, Aston Martin need to design somthing new to keep there car fresh. They already used the DB9 template with the DBS and now this and the v8 vantage.. I would save myself a hell of a lot of money and buy a S320 cdi Merc, will be a better car to drive and to live with

15 September 2009

Well I must be slightly strange, as I like it, have not got the funds to buy one, but can live in hope.

Certainly better looking than the Porsche version, and whilst a new Range Rover can carry four / five in comfort and style, there is just something about having an Aston. Most buyers will have other suitable cars for carrying people as well, its most unlikely to be their only form of transport!!

I'll take one in black. Right now.

15 September 2009

Lost something in translation between concept and production...maybe it's the colour of this blue one but it looks surprisingly dumpy, and the grille looks naff. shame!

16 September 2009

[quote michael knight]Lost something in translation between concept and production...[/quote]

Definately. It looked stunning before. This just looks dull.

Maybe its the wheels and/or lighting?


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