Ford's 300bhp, road-going rally car to debut at London show
17 December 2007

After years of speculation, Ford has finally confirmed that it will build another Focus RS. This official rendering is the first image of the new hot hatch, which will go on sale in 2009, with the concept due to debut at the London motor show in 2008.Earlier this year, concerns over producing a powerful, high C02-emitting hot hatchback were putting the RS’s future in jeopardy, but Ford has eventually decided that it’s worth putting the car into production in spite of them. This time, the car will need to make money. The last Focus RS was estimated to have lost Ford around £7k per car; during the conception of this one, insiders say, the business case has been as important for Ford’s RS division as anything else.However, it looks like the company won’t be compromising on much for cost reasons. The car’s body has been heavily modified with much wider wheelarches, which were thought to have been ruled out as too expensive. The huge lower front intake features unusual secondary vents at either side.Ford will not confirm any of the RS’s technical specification, but the company has said the car is based on the Focus ST. It’s likely to have over 300bhp from a twin-turbocharged version of the ST’s five-cylinder engine, and will have a dump valve as standard. Four-wheel drive is thought to be on the cards, as the ST’s body shell can accommodate a rear differential, but it's not a given. As one Team RS spokesperson told us recently, "there are many ways we can give the RS more traction without adding the extra weight of a four-wheel drive system." A mechanical limited slip differential, then - or even electronically-controlled front diff - seem just as likely.

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Ford Focus 2011-2014

Can the Ford Focus capture the hearts and minds of hatchback buyers, or have its traditional rivals managed to perfect the formula?

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17 December 2007

Yippie. if Subaru and Mitsibushi can make money on their rally replicas why can't Ford

17 December 2007

Autocar - what is the anticedence to this story?

Sources or speculation?

Fact or fiction?

17 December 2007

The anticedence of any 'scoop' type information you come across before you publish surely gives credence to it's usefulness. If I'm to take this seriously or otherwise - then I want to establish what's fact and what's fiction.

I presume you do the same when someone comes to you with a little snippit?

Thanks for sharing the press release.

17 December 2007

And about time,i just hope this is not knee jerk response to some of the new kids on the block.What i hope for sorry wish for is a car wich can be driven everyday is durable has decent service intervals (Japan take note) these are rallye/sport cars not supercars with supercar servicing prices!.And finally it would be great if the price was kept under £25K-no harm in hoping is there?.

Peter Cavellini.

18 December 2007

This could be a very special car, if they go for 4WD or RWD and make it a real alternative to an ST. The RS brand is still quite a prestigious brand and they would do well to keep this in line with it.

Kee couldnt you say that about any fast car though? Its not fair to single the ford out just becasue its cheaper than most.

18 December 2007

Lovely, Ford seem to be very good at this type of car and can usually show the Japanese upstarts a thing or two.

2009 will give both Mitsubishi and Subaru time to establish their new models before Ford metaphorically pulls the rug from under their feet with an all singing all dancing limited run model.

Take one look at used prices for the Cosworth Escort to see how well these cars are received by the public.

18 December 2007

I don't really see it being pointless for a car to be honest.

If we was all the same we'd be driving around in electric cars... but were not.

I disagree with your comment about underdeveloped sexual organs, mine is prefectly fine thank you! Some people genuinely enjoy cars and enthusiasts tend to go for the sporty model in the range.

Maybe you collect stamps and you want that ultra shiney one from Japan, it's much the same thing with cars.

Anyway... more to the point... if you feel that way... why bother posting, or even logging onto Autocar!? Am I missing something here???

Oh and another point... I don't see ALL Evos and Scoobies suddenly flying off the road and running over your nan just because they are sporty and have big exhausts 'as standard'.

This car will be great if Ford actually decide to release it, instead of rubbing it in our face and then saying... narrr, we won't bother. Like they did with the Fiesta RS Concept.

I'm waiting to order...


18 December 2007

[quote Kee Law] what an utterly pointless car. the ST has more than enough power and this is a ludicrous case of "my bhp count is bigger than yours"it will be bought by pointless people with underdeveloped sexual organs, who will add yet bigger exhausts, drive too fast in town centres, won't be able to control the power, crash and kill innocent bystanders waiting for the number 24 bus.[/quote] Kee Law how come you feel this way? You sound like a tree hugger or somebody who writes in to their local paper to complain about children raising their voices whereas they should only be seen.If you feel like that towards the Focus RS then do you feel the same way towards the BMW M3 CSL (over a standard M3) , Audi RS4 (over an Audi S4) etc etc.People buy these cars because they offer more performance and styling etc over the standard 'halo' car in that range and nine times out of ten cost a fair amount of money - defo out of the reach of the people you describe above who sound like the common day "Chav".If you have even the faintest whiff of petrol in your veins you should know that the RS brand has such a huge reputation here in the UK and has produced some legends and your post above is quite frankly insulting to many car enthusiasts.Therefore can you stick to posting your views on websites like or

Thanks for reading Kee.

18 December 2007

Tuc, Kee Law always makes good posts on this forum - he articulated what it is that bothers him - you just call him names.


Is it a full moon tonight?

Or is Little Schumi loose again?

18 December 2007

Even i was suprised by Kee's comments though. The ST probably makes more sense than something like a boxter to alot of people. It goes like stink and i can fit 5 in it, with room for the shopping, all for under £18,000. If the RS follows these basic rules it cant fail.

The thing that gets me is these people that post once and never return. E.G Mattvg, 20Tuc or whatever he is called. That obvious government employee in the fuel protest forum is another example.


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