New oil-burning AMG to be the "Super Hammer"
14 November 2008

AMG plans to launch a diesel model “within three years,” Volker Mornhinweg, the boss of Mercedes’ tuning division, has announced.

Mornhinweg described the potential high-performance diesel as an updated version of the legendary AMG Hammer - a petrol-engined W124 E-class. “This car will be the Super Hammer,” said Mornhinweg.

The new diesel AMG won’t be a large coupe or saloon like the CL or S-class, because the AMG boss has already said that he prefers the idea of a smaller, lighter and more efficient car.

That’s likely to mean a C-class diesel, such as the C320, is in line for the AMG treatment.

The idea of diesel AMGs will inevitably spread to other Mercedes models. The new E-class is more than likely to be available as an AMG diesel.

This new high-performance model won’t be the first diesel-engined Benz to wear an AMG badge. That was the C30 AMG, back in 2002, which was based on a Sport Coupé.

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14 November 2008

[quote Autocar]Volker Morningweg, the boss of Mercedes’ tuning division,[/quote]

- his surname is Mornhinweg.

14 November 2008

Don't like this - don't now why really - just don't.

Bring back steel wheels.

14 November 2008

Can we have some engine displacement and power output estimates? A bit hard to have an opinion on this story otherwise....

15 November 2008

The C30 AMG came in Saloon and Estate versions as well.....

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