Team member confirmed Briatore and Symonds's involvement
23 September 2009

An unidentified whistle-blower within the Renault Formula One team gave crucial evidence that there had been a conspiracy for Nelson Piquet to deliberately crash in last year's Singapore Grand Prix, according to transcripts released from the FIA's investigation into the matter.

The details, which reveal the person involved only as Witness X, have bene published as part of the FIA's policy of making its investigations open to public scrutiny.

It appears that Witness X came forward with details when Renault conducted its own investigation in to the allegations. As part of this, it interviewed team members - one of whom confirmed the crash plan, and that team bosses Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds hd been aware of it.

Witness X stated that Piquet had approached Symonds after qualifying to suggest the idea of a deliberate crash, and that the idea had been worked upon once Symonds mentioned it to Briatore.

The World Motor Sport Council's findings stated: "This version of events was put to Pat Symonds and Flavio Briatore. Mr Symonds did not deny the events. Mr Briatore consistently denied any involvement and did not recall the alleged discussion."

Renault admitted to the FIA that in light of the whistle-blower's evidence it made the decision not to dispute the charges and accept that there had been a conspiracy.

The findings of the hearing state: "The evidence (gathered by Renault F1 and the FIA) supports the assertion that the whistle-blower is one of the many people employed by Renault F1 (over 700 people) who had nothing to do with the conspiracy... the whistle-blower's actions demonstrate that this conspiracy did not go to the heart of the team, but was restricted to the actions of two or three people."

Renault stated that it would not identify the whistle-blower because it did not want the individual to "become the subject of press attention."

The FIA requested, however, that it be able to interview the whistle-blower to gather evidence ahead of Monday's hearing.

Meanwhile, Symonds's submission to the hearing reveals his regret at being involved in the incident.

"In a single action I have destroyed the high reputation I have built up during a 33 year career in motor sport. I am a competitive person who worked in a high pressure environment. This can, at times, cloud one's judgement. I have always tried to be an honest person, a fact I hope you will give me credit for by witness of my statements to the stewards in Belgium," said Symonds.

"On that night in Singapore last year I made a mistake the consequences of which I could never have imagined at the time. For that mistake I can only offer all of you, and all those touched by the action I was involved in, my profound apology."

Renault has also confirmed that it plans to continue racing in F1 following the scandal.

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23 September 2009

[quote Autocar]An unidentified whistle-blower within the Renault Formula One team[/quote]



23 September 2009

Seems strange to me that Piquet has got off by being offered immunity for co-operating when he was the one who initiated the whole scheme, as told by Witness X. Piquet should surely have received some sort of punishment for that alone. If the FIA were prepared to believe Witness X (without disclosing who he is, presumably so that his credibility cannot be questioned by others) in the case of Briatore and Symonds, surely they did not need to offer immunity to Piquet as they didn't need his co-operation to make the charges stand. Seems to me that Piquet should have received at least a life-time ban from any form of racing.

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23 September 2009

Was it Teddy Sheringham? He's in the frame for everything at the moment.

23 September 2009

[quote Symanski]




Yup, exactly my thoughts.

The irony was that Flavio thought he could control Alonso. But apparently not.

Just as when we thought the FIA's credibility could go down no further. It has sunked into the abyss.

23 September 2009

Surely this proves it did go deeper into the team than the 2 or 3 individuals Renault have quoted. The only thing more shocking than the cheating is the FiA's total lack of ability to properly run the sport... "sport" well you know what I mean.

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