Triple champion says Jenson Button should have stayed at Brawn
19 November 2009

Triple world champion Sir Jackie Stewart believes Jenson Button has been unwise to move from Brawn to McLaren.

"It will be difficult for him to take on Lewis Hamilton," said Stewart. "It's like walking into the lion's den, because Lewis has had three years with McLaren now. He has it his way.

"He's already disposed of one driver that came in there in Alonso. Fernando couldn't cut it against Lewis Hamilton, and I think that Lewis will want to retain his position of prominence in that team. Whereas at Brawn, I think [Button] would have had an advantage over his [potential] team-mate Nico Rosberg, having knowledge of the team.

"What we're looking at today is two guys who want to be number one. That situation in one team sometimes makes imperfect bed partners, because there will be differences from time to time, even though McLaren are probably the best engineering team with the most capacity to do the job."

Stewart also thinks Button underestimated the value of the strong relationship he had established with Ross Brawn's team.

"I think it's a mistake by Jenson," he said. "If I was Jenson, I would've wanted to do a deal with Brawn - because I know the culture of the Brawn team, I have high respect for Ross Brawn, I know the mechanics.

"There's a totally different culture in McLaren, something that he might never have experienced before. They have a very clinical culture which doesn't have the emotion or the drive in the same passionate way that Brawn would have had with him there as the reigning world champion."

But Stewart acknowledged that McLaren will provide Button with a very competitive package for 2010.

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"I do believe that the McLaren car next season will be one of, if not the, best car on the grid, as Ferrari will also be better next year," said Stewart. "So he's going to a team that wants to succeed."

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19 November 2009

[quote Autocar]"It will be difficult for him to take on Lewis Hamilton,"[/quote]

Oh yeah. Even if it was Hamilton joining Brawn to partner Button he'd have difficulty.

Can't believe that Button gave up on the Brawn team so easily after they gave him something that he's never had before - a championship winning car.

19 November 2009

I couldn't agree more. The McLaren car should be right up there competing for pole at most races so it should be a good car.

JB however will spend an entire season learning a new team and an entirely new car which will undoubtedly be designed for the aggressive driving style of LH and will therefore need quite a lot of work to adapt it to JB's smoother driving style. So his defence is likely to be compromised before he even starts or the notorious McLaren politics kick in.

In my own view, I think JB would have been considerably better off in many respects staying at Brawn where he had a very successful championship winning team behind him.

19 November 2009

Some are saying Button had no choice and Mercedes "released" him.

19 November 2009

I agree with all of the above.

Its hard to believe that mercedes were not keen to keep JB and have a big 1 on the car, but stranger things have happened....

19 November 2009

The Mercedes GP car will very quick, make no mistake. This is just like the situation with Williams and Damon Hill, when a pathetically slow driver in a dominant car won the championship and then Hill was dropped because he was under the false impression that he was worth more as numero uno. I know my comments aren't going to be popular and i can't really say anything to back them up except to say; let's wait and see how the season goes. Lewis will make Button look oh so slow.


19 November 2009

mmm, if Brawn can sell out, why can't Button. F1drivers have a short dangerous careers, so Button must make the best of being champion. Ham & But (heh heh) are so so so different in driving style that I reckon on close competion, smooth(JB) versus limit, edgey (LH) driving. Factor in the no refuel, I can see JB being more consistent therefore more points. In the interest of fairness, I prefer LH

19 November 2009

Button was definately in the right car at the right time last year but next season was always going to be different if he stayed at Brawn or went elsewhere.

I dont think he will be able to match Lewis irrespective of Mclaren being Lewis' team or not, a good driver will make the most of a good car.His only hope is that winning the world championship has given him that little bit more confidence to take the fight to Lewis.

Having said that I think Lewis is going to wipe the floor with him in 2010.

Sorry Jenson.

19 November 2009

-i know this is the "we love hamilton club" but you have to get real and firstly I would say that dispite all that Alonso had to put up with he still finished even points with hamilton at the end of the infamous season.

-next year, hamilton has to contend with Alonso, Massa, Vettel, Webber and Jenson; the first four would gladly see anyone else win but hamilton and the fifth is as quick, clever and in the same car.

-the race engineer team is effectively split, engineers that want to impress will love jenson being onboard as they will finally have a chance to shine; make no mistake of that, it is not hamiltons team.

-the Mclaren tends to be good on tyres, this flattered lewis but will be a massive advantage to jenson

-you cannot say that lewis was quick because he is "that good" and then say some else is only that good because of the car; hamilton also drove (you guessed it) a car and thus the CAR was a massive factor.

-hamilton was not consulted over jenson as it is not his team; Mclaren need to show they can handle two drivers, hamilton cannot get involved with jenson in the same way as he will have done with Alonso - no way

-hamilton is in a very balanced position, if he moves left or right he is knacked and their is no way on earth he can sit in the middle for an entire season; everyone on the track knows that (everyone) and he has upset a lot of people

-he has to be blindingly fast (which he is not) all season; if he does little this coming season and little the next season he is off; pressure has shown that he cracks, the question is not if jenson will survive (he will, he is a proven), the question is over hamilton and this will be the first season where he has had pressure and competition (but competition like he has not ever experienced before); he has it coming hard and he has to take all that; he is not a rookie anymore and that is a big difference because for one, people expect.

-in conclusion, this season is for more likely to break hamilton and make jenson; hamilton has it hard (make no mistake) and F1 is a delivered performance game

-its going to be (its set to be) one of the best seaason of all time; I cannot wait and I am ticking down the days.

- Go Jenson!!! you will do Hamilton easy.

19 November 2009

So Jenson isn't going to be working with his new team of mechanics and the new car until the 2010 season starts ???

Oh yes - I just remembered - all F1 drivers spend 5 months on holiday in the Caribbean between November and March ...

JB will have PLENTY of time to get to know his new team and vice versa - make no mistake McLaren will start 2010 with both guns blazing !

19 November 2009

carssofar; totally! they will both be ready for the new season and it will be superb, no guessing that my money is on jenson!

Ferrari will come out all guns blazing also, they started developing their car (from memory) early and of course Red Bull and Williams will be interesting; it has all the makings of a great season no matter who comes out best of all; i cannot wait.


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