'Home of British motorsport' back on F1 calendar
7 December 2009

Silverstone has signed a 17-year deal to host the British Grand Prix.

The deal follows the collapse of Donington Park's mooted 17-year deal to host the race, which was set to begin next season until the circuit's financial backers withdrew.

"The title of Silverstone as 'home of motorsport' has come true," said BRDC president Damon Hill. "It is a place for all motorsport. Everyone in the BRDC loves motorsport and we are looking forward to the MotoGP as well as the British Grand Prix.

"It is not easy to enter into a contract of this magnitude and you have to take on a lot of responsibility, but the BRDC wanted this relationship to continue.

"Everyone was well aware that the British GP is not just a sporting event, but it is dynamo of the industry in this country. Losing it would have been damaging and perhaps there would have been no coming back."

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7 December 2009

Bernie's not stupid and he knows it would have been one upset too far for the sport if he had have dropped it from the calender.



It's all about the twisties........

7 December 2009

Oh.... great

Woop di do

Great news for Silverstone but I was so looking forward to seeing a GP at Donington until it went bust.

7 December 2009

Glad that Silverstone is still on the calender but concerned where this leaves Donnington, last I heard was it was a building site.

Great that we've got 17 years of British GP's to look forward to but not if it means we completely lose Donnington as a race venue.

This is a time when we need to remember that there is more to motor racing than F1. It would be a tragedy if the circuit isn't saved.

7 December 2009

I went to what I thought might be the 'last' Silverstone F1 and the atmosphere was great and it was completely packed. I was looking forward to visiting Donnington as it is just up the road from Derby where I live. Will the Moto GP go back to Donnington, or will it remain at Silverstone?

7 December 2009

Wow what a surprise...not! Bernie had this result planned from the start, he never intended for Donington to host it.

This is very depressing I feel, watching a race at Silverstone is so dull, Hill and his club may love it but Donington is a far better spectacle for the (over)paying race fan.

Any why 17 years? No matter what they do to the circuit facilities - its geography will always dictate that is flat and featureless.

Sad that Donington or any other circuit won't now get a look in for a very long time.

7 December 2009

Lets hope is sells out as they have lost 5 months of box office sales and the GP is due to clash with the World Cup final.

Nice to see Silverstone were not bullied into a bad deal and they held their own against Bernie. Maybe they can pass this deal onto the fans by offering reasonable ticket prices?

7 December 2009

Well are you really that surprised?!,Bernie's bound to have visited the track. looked round, and with his trained eye, or anybodies eye for that matter, and thought "not a chance", he's to savvy to put all his eggs in one basket, and he new how to handle Silverstone to get what he wanted, plus he also new the media would crucify him if he'd gone with Donington. ps,Bernie party for Government?, couldn't do any worse, could he?

Peter Cavellini.

7 December 2009

I thought the british gp was going to race round the streets of London. what happened to that idea. congestion charge ?



7 December 2009

"Lets hope is sells out as they have lost 5 months of box office sales and the GP is due to clash with the World Cup final" wrote MattDB

Yipeeeee as I loath/detest soccer with capitals 'L or D' it will give me and anyone else who is with me in my house in France the perfect excuse NOT to watch the overpaid underskilled sport of soccer !

Mind you it could be a home goal by Berni as I would believe that a lot of UK based advertisers might not want to advertise on the trackside hoardings because of the clash with the soccer match.

As for the posts about what might happen to dear old Donington, I only hope something can be rescued from the muddy swamp that once such a magnificent track.

Loving life in France with my Springers

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