Returning F1 champion shows great speed in GP2 testing
15 January 2010

Michael Schumacher completed his three-day testing session with a GP2 car yesterday at the Jerez circuit, getting within four tenths of the track record.

The seven-time champion had to run again with wet-weather tyres in the morning but was able to use slicks for the remaining part of the session, covering a total of 1151kms over the three days of the test.

Matt Saunders blog - Extrapolating the Michael

Schumacher's best lap of the day was a 1m24.621s, four tenths slower than the record set by Kamui Kobayashi at the Spanish track in October, 2008.

"I could really drive a lot on this last day of testing and it worked out perfectly," Schumacher said.

"I am very happy with the way testing went here: we worked well, times and consistency were well, we could do everything we had scheduled to do. I feel fit, I felt comfortable immediately back in the car - hey, let's go for it!"

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15 January 2010

Like Ive Always Said

His sought of talent your born with and you will never loose :)

15 January 2010

No surprises here. You don't become a multi winning world champion in any sport without having the drive, talent, dedication and that little bit of win at all costs attitude.

As they say the cream always rises!

15 January 2010

Do you think Schumacher is on a mission after many thought he chickened out last year and blamed a neck injury? I really think he doing this to prove a point. I don't like some of stunts he has pulled over the years because it reminds me of 'D!CK DASTERDLY' from wacky-racers. They are great drivers but just can't help in trying the foil other racers.

I do hope however he proves the nay sayers wrong and takes an 8th title though.

15 January 2010

I think this is conclusive evidence that Kamui Kobayashi is truly great!


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

15 January 2010

[quote WooDz]... reminds me of 'D!CK DASTERDLY' from wacky-races.[/quote]

After the superhuman skill, dedication and domination, you've described perfectly why those who love Schumacher love Schumacher. With this nature always in reserve he overwhelms the world of Grand Prix with his presence.

Alonso has stated that since 2006 he hasn't felt the burning desire to win that Schumacher provoked in him, and although that might be a bit of a snipe at Hamilton, I think he genuinely means it.

Alonso's humble confidence at the moment betrays something significant about his view of his future prospects with Ferrari. There's a sense that he has seen a pathway to great success within the team, whether it comes this year or later.

Still, it's Schumacher's return that has defined the season, and it's so close now that I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

16 January 2010

Talent your born with, i agree, but talking stops when the flag drops on race1, can't wait,can you?

Peter Cavellini.

20 January 2010

1151 kms over 3 days, that's a lot of stamina!

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