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Hearse does a lap of Brands Hatch en route to funeral

A motorsport fanatic has taken a farewell trip around his favourite circuit.

Michael Owen was a regular spectator at Brands Hatch for almost 50 years, and even moved closer to the circuit so he would qualify for a complimentary season ticket, given to local residents as compensation for noise disturbances.

Now the 60-year-old, who died from kidney cancer last month, has taken his final trip round the circuit - as his hearse completed a lap of honour en route to his funeral.

The hearse carrying Owen led the funeral procession, which included a red Ferrari 360 Spider lent by a local garage to the line-up as he was an avid Ferrari fan.

His daughter, Sharna Peyto, said: "He was a massive motoring fan and he’s always been mad on Brands Hatch. When he was 12 he used to listen to tapes of engine noises. He just loved the smell and the thrill of it."

Owen's family will scatter his ashes in Church Wood, next to the circuit.

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