Ceremonial start for famous rally raid draws huge crowds
2 January 2010

Motorsport's most famous rally raid, the Dakar, has drawn huge crowds to its ceremonial start in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A total of 362 competitors are tackling this year's event, which comprises a 5900-mile loop through Argentina and Chile before finishing back in Buenos Aires on 16 January. The event moved away from Africa last year due to concerns over political instability in the region, and organisers kept it in South America in 2010.

Organisers estimate that around half a million people lined the streets to watch the ceremonial start, even though the machinery - 134 cars, 151 motorcycles, 52 trucks and 25 quad-bikes - was not being used in anger.

The first competitive section, a 425-mile run from Colon to Cordoba, is now under way. The fight for victory in the car section is likely to involve former winner Stephane Peterhansel, driving a BMW X3, and a strong line-up from 2009 victor Volkswagen. Its team includes names such as Giniel de Villiers and Carlos Sainz.

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2 January 2010

a private team has bought all of last years mitsubishi's, and fitted them with petrol engines, as the new diesels were unreliable. the logistics for running such an event are quite impressive.



2 January 2010

Snooze-fest... Go back to Paris-Dakar or cancel the whole thing.

2 January 2010

In what way is it a 'snooze-fest'? Just because you may prefer it back in Africa doesn't mean the cars and racing aren't exciting. Did you actually see any of last year's event? Some of the scenery including deserts were stunning.

It's just a name, and i'm sure when the political stability improves it will be back in Africa, until then it's still an amazing race through South America.

Some people post things just to have a pointless moan about nothing.

4 January 2010

[quote rtwingo]Go back to Paris-Dakar or cancel the whole thing.[/quote]

Don't blame the organisers, blame the Muslim terrorist nutters who forced them to cancel the last one to be held in Africa!

By moving continents they've give the finger to those idiots, and the countries who allow them to fester.

It's time we took the gloves off and really dealt with Muslim extremists. And we need support from sensible Muslims on this one. And a word to those normal ones; inaction by you is giving fuel to the fire that all Muslims are potential terrorists. It's up to you if you want that to continue.

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