Currently reading: Bernie's threat to Silverstone
Silverstone deal has to be in place before 11 December or it will lose the race

Bernie Ecclestone has increased the pressure on Silverstone to commit to a deal to hold next year’s British grand prix.

F1 boss Ecclestone said the circuit “is close” to agreeing a deal, but if nothing was agreed before the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Monaco on 11 December then the race would be dropped from next year’s calendar.

"The World Council will meet and we will just pull it off — we will have to," Ecclestone told The Times. "We'll have no other choice, if we don't have a contract. We shouldn't have anything on the calendar unless we have a contract in place.

"They are close and they know they are close. It's not the terms and conditions so much as whether the investors are prepared to bankroll them and take the risk."

Ecclestone said he was keen to see a British grand prix remain, but said the circuit would not be getting any special treatment. The main stumbling block is a financial one, with Silverstone believed to be offering less than Ecclestone wants for the race.

"Of course we want a British Grand Prix," he said. "I've been spending an awful lot of time trying to make sure it does happen, but there is no chance of an exceptional contract for Silverstone. Why should there be?"

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Jeezitsonlyacar 20 November 2009

Re: Bernie's threat to Silverstone

Seems to me that no-one likes F1 any longer but that you all stick with it - and with the rabble who run it - because there's nothing else. What a hopeless mess, and a bit sad too.

Symanski 20 November 2009

Re: Bernie's threat to Silverstone

Too many of the new circuit produce dull dull dull races. BORING!

Bernie needs to invest in excitement in his business as quite frankly as a life long F1 follower who's been to Grand Prix in preson, I'm at the point of giving up with these circuits.

Abu Dhabi was stunning to look at, but dull. Valencia is just cars cruising round a dock, you can't even say it's a nice looking dock!

We lend our Sunday afternoons to Bernie; all we ask for in exchange is some entertainment.

Silverston, unfortunately, more often than not produces similar dull races, but every now and again it does excite. More than can be said for any Tilke circuit!

disco.stu 20 November 2009

Re: Bernie's threat to Silverstone

Still agree with Bernie on this one - if Silverstone doesn't want to pay for it, why should they get it?