Autocar gets on the podium at the Britcar 24hr Endurance Race
22 September 2008

Team Autocar finished in third place overall in the Silverstone Britcar 24hr Endurance Race at the weekend.

Autocar journalists Steve Sutcliffe, Matt Prior and Jamie Corstorphine, plus Aston Martin's Vehicle Dynamics Manager, Chris Porritt, took the final podium position in their Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24, trailing only the Paragon Porsche 997 RSR of Mark Sumpter, and Andrew Howard's Beechdean-sponsored Aston Martin N24.

The Autocar team qualified in 20th position overall, but a virtually trouble-free run meant it finished just nine laps behind the leaders, and three laps behind the second-place team. Another Beechdean Aston Martin finished fourth overall, giving the N24 a lockout in class 2.

Autocar's chief road tester Matt Prior said: "I'm well chuffed. Going into the race we thought that if we kept our noses clean we might end up scraping a top ten finish. It's really thanks to the reliability and fuel efficiency of the car, its brilliant preparation, some top-drawer pit work and the nous of Graham Humphrys our team manager that we eased into third."

The Autocar Aston's fastest lap of 2m:06.012s was only the 21st fastest in the race, but the N24's fuel-efficiency and reliability, plus some consistent driving, meant it climbed the order.

Team Autocar completed 594 laps of the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, the only significant problems being two minor spins, one stop-go drive-through penalty and two minor flare-ups during refuelling stops.

Senior Road Tester Jamie Corstorphine said: "Bloody brilliant - what an amazing experience. The car was superb and the team even better. I can't believe how well we've done."

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In total there were 51 starters and 37 finishers.

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22 September 2008

May i be the first to say a hearty congratulations.

It was a great race and the scrap between yourselves and the Beechdean team was fantastic and made it a very tight fight. With not many nails left in the Beechdean pit garage!

Well done guys.

I have a fantastic picture of the nose of your car poking out of the garage during the beautiful sunset on Friday. if you want it let me know.

once again congratulations

see you next year!

22 September 2008

What was the budget and who foot the bill? I am going to guess this is effectively a "works" car however, so the reliability and preparation should be second to none.

I know this is probably in this weeks magazine but I haven't had time to read it yet (that's what happens on the one week of the month Evo comes out!).

Not to take it away from the guys though, they did good. Having driven in many enduro races over the years, it is a ball breaking exercise that can break many a seasoned driver.

Well done, I look forward to reading the report.



It's all about the twisties........

22 September 2008

Congratulations to all concerned. Bearing in mind his recent demonstration of pace in an F1 car I bet Sutters was dying to cane it during his stints and go for the win.


22 September 2008

Well done fellas.

This was my first 24hr event and thoroughly entertaining it was too. Grid walk, pretty birds, fast cars, accidents, offs, night-time racing - frankly I'm struggling to think of many better ways to spend a weekend??

Regardless of how reliable the car is (and clearly the N24 is top-notch in this regard, judging by the results), you've got to keep it on the ribbon which you chaps did with aplomb.

Perhaps next year's story is how you manage without the support of a manufacturer, driving something a little less glamarous - your long-term Octavia maybe... ;)

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