Hiromu Naruse killed in a head-on collision near the Nurburgring
23 June 2010

Toyota’s chief test driver, Hiromu Naruse, has been killed in a head-on collision near the Nurburgring today Toyota has confirmed.

Naruse, 67, was killed in an accident close to Toyota’s workshop near the circuit. The Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition in which he was travelling collided head on with a BMW.

The BMW involved in the crash was also driven by a test driver. Both the BMW driver and his passenger were seriously injured.

Naruse joined Toyota in 1963 in the Vehicle Evaluation and Engineering Division, and had been involved with Toyota Motorsports since 1970.

He influenced development of all the sporty mass-production vehicles from the Toyota 2000GT to the MR-S, and is said to have logged more miles at the Nurburgring than any other Japanese person.

Naruse was also company CEO Akio Toyoda's personal on-track driver.

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24 June 2010

This is very very sad , but I guess Mr Naruse lived a very full life and wouldn't have changed much.

24 June 2010

indeed so

24 June 2010

sad news for any family to hear.

24 June 2010

Sad event and just shows that no matter how skilled you are, nobody can beat phisics

24 June 2010

A terrible shame for all affected.

25 June 2010

I really don't want to be the one to drag up trouble (again), but once you start down the path of moderating mildly controversial comments, where do you draw the line?

As far as I can recall (now that the posts in question have been deleted), none of the posts violated any of the Autocar forum House Rules (look them up and see if you agree with me, people). In particular, the following caught my eye this morning:

"Please take the time to read these rules before you begin posting. Abide by them and you’ll enjoy complete freedom to chew the fat with anyone and everyone in the motoring cosmos who cares to stop by"

OK, so as long as we abide by the rules, we have complete freedom. Sounds good so far. Then:

"Any opinion, no matter how forthright, is welcome, but defamatory or libellous untruths, racism, sexism, uncalled-for aggression or general abuse aimed at any individual, company or organisation will be removed."

The House Rules go on with more stuff which doesn't specifically pertain to the events of yesterday, but I would like to know how the posts which led to a sanctimonious blog from Steve Sutcliffe and have now been moderated out of existence from this thread were defamatory, libellous, untrue, racist, sexist, unduly aggressive or generally abusive.

Autocar is within its rights to set rules for how its forum shall be run. After all, it is the owner of the forum. But the comments on this thread, whilst possibly not in great taste, did not fall under any category in the House Rules which should have led to their removal. There are plenty of idiotic comments posted virtually every day on various topics, and it is all part and parcel of life in the world wide web.

What next? Will any criticism of Autocar be airbrushed out as well? If so, i guess i will be banned imminently...

25 June 2010

Blimey. When Jim Holder replied to Steve Sutcliffe's blog of yesterday, saying '...the thread attached to the news story has now been tidied up', he wasn't wrong.

Jim, you've perfected the art of understatement. I see a glittering future in politics if ever you fancy a change of direction...

25 June 2010

disco.stu - Another excellent post on the subject and sums up my thoughts on the matter perfectly.

With the over moderation on the website, as well as blogs like Steve Sutcliffes and the declining standards of the magazine I'm going to have to consider carefully whether I want to continue to subscribe to the magazine.

Autocar ain't what it used to be.

25 June 2010

I have only just seen this thread so I cannot comment on any specifics regarding what has been removed but from what I have read on here and on Steve Sutcliffes blog I find myself leaning towards Disco.Stu's opinion as being the I agree with.

It is very sad news to here that anyone has died whether you know them personally or not, my thoughts go out to Hiromu Naruse's family.

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