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Electrical problems take eight of the top ten faults

Electrical faults dominate the list of warranty claims being made on modern cars, according to a new report.

The list, compiled by warranty firm Mondial Assistance, shows all but three of the top 10 warranty claims are now mechanical problems.

In particular, air-conditioning claims have tumbled.

"Back in 2000, air conditioning was still considered a luxury item fitted to luxury cars but today it’s pretty much standard fit and as such becomes an item that’s tried, tested and developed to ensure it doesn’t fail," said Mondial's sales director Lee Taylor.

The top 10 warranty claims in 2008 were:1. Coolant temperature sender2. Brake light switch3. Leaking radiator4. Ignition coil5. Exhaust emissions monitor6. Electric fan7. Lambda probe8. Front wishbone mounting torn and broken9. Throttle valve housing10. Glow plug

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