Government safety campaign too graphic to screen before the watershed
6 November 2008

New government road safety adverts meant to shock people into wearing seatbelts have been banned before the watershed. The £2.6 million THINK! ad campaign shows a computer-generated sequence of the potentially fatal damage to internal organs that can occur in a crash if a driver or passenger fails to wear their seatbelt.Advertising regulators deemed the ad too graphic and violent to be shown before 9pm. “I hope this hard-hitting new campaign will help everyone realise that they are risking their life whenever they get in a car and don't put their seat belt on,” said road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick.

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6 November 2008

I wasn't aware the seat belt issue was so bad.

Personally, I think they should do a "Think" ad campaign on the subject of people keeping to the left lane on the motorway / dual carriage ways.

I am sure this is a bigger safety problem at the moment than seat belts, especially if any journey I've done on a multi carriageway road is anything to go by. Not only would it prevent accidents, it would also ease congestion by aiding traffic flow.



It's all about the twisties........

7 November 2008

Is the ban not missing the point. In my experience it is the young who need this message most. I have to work hard to get my children to belt up and its these kind of ads that help get that message home.

The Spanish ran some adds a few years ago that explained the risks in terms of secondary school physics and these seemed quite efefctive to me.

What about coaches?. I regularly take the coach to London and depsite the drivers pep talk I am one of only a handfull that puts the belt on.

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