Poll reveals what motorists hate about motorists
21 September 2009

Tailgating has again been identified as the most annoying road habit in a poll of drivers.

The top five annoying habits identified in an RAC poll were:

1. Motorists following too close behind (72 per cent)2. Motorists on the phone while driving (68 per cent)3. Being cut up by other motorists (68 per cent)4. Not indicating (65 per cent)5. Not saying thank you for giving way (48 per cent)

Interestingly, driving too slowly causes more aggravation than speeding, with 45% of drivers saying they hate it when other motorists drive well below the speed limit.

While 85 per cent of motorists experience frustration behind the wheel because of other drivers' wrong doing, 70 per cent said that they were respectful most of the time.

The poll was conducted to co-incide with today's 'road respect' day.

Mark Phillips

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21 September 2009

no mention of hogging the middle lane. Grr.

21 September 2009

Yep. Tailgating is my main complaint too. I used to commute from Southend to Cambridge and invariably there was a BMW or Audi planted on my bumper - no matter what the speed. I think more annoying though, is when they announce their presence by flashing their lights at anyone that gets in their 100mph+ way, even when they're several hundred meters behind. Annoyance is one thing but dangerous is quite another and apart from the idiots that weave and undertake through all the lanes on a motorway, average speed limits are the worst. On the A127 there's a section near Rayleigh that is governed at 50mph. Everyone, in whatever lane, pretty much does the same speed, as you would expect. But the problem is, your brain switches off. It's like being in a boat on the Broads, the closing speeds are so slow, you start looking about, texting, playing with things in the car and generally not paying attention. On the off-chance someone does have to brake hard because someone ahead hasn't got in the right lane for the junction, then something nasty can happen.

21 September 2009

There's a long rant underneath, but the point is that I think driver education must improve - why is tailgating, etc not hammered home during driving lessons, test, etc? It also comes back to reliance on speed cameras instead of police patrols - the evidence has shown that speed is a minor factor in most crashes, so we should be concentrating on the main causes. Near my home an occasional police patrol hooking people for tailgating, aggressive driving, etc would do far more for standards than a camera.

No one can disagree with tailgating as No.1 stupid thing to do. Especially when the person behind can't get anywhere faster anyway e.g. frequently near my home I am followed so closely that I can't see the following car's numberplate in my rear view mirror. This is in a 30 mph zone where there are pedestrian islands all over the place, so there's no chance to pass even if you're a lunatic. Usually followed by me turning into a side street with a 20 mph limit (entirely sensible as there are small blind entrances, and lots of kids playing), where the same numpty then sits the same distance behind until he/she turns off and turns into his/her driveway. I've been lucky in that none of these numbskulls have ever run into the back of me yet, but I had a boss who was a magnet for it over a particularly unlucky year (and he wasn't an unpredictable driver who braked for no reason).

I'm afraid the standard of driving is appalling here just north of Aberdeen. It's mainly a lack of common sense i.e. tailgating, not looking, etc, but I do feel there's a lack of interest on driving too, such that it comes across as many are just getting from A to B with no thought of demonstrating skill or consideration while driving - each to their own, but you're in charge of a dangerous device if you're not concentrating.

My commute involves 20 to 25 minutes of either dual carriageway (or some more entertaining B roads).

On the dual carriageway you have firstly the "enter the roundabout when turning left without giving way to people on the roundabout tw*ts" I saw one get his just desserts a few months ago - the person he cut up braked when they thought he might be going straight across the roundabout, and skidded on diesel and wiped the side of his Beemer gently. I assisted the police on prosecuting the other driver as he was adamant that it was the other guy's fault (6 points and a £350 fine).Some people on this site defend this way of driving - it's illegal and it's bl**dy dangerous. It happens when I'm out on my bike too, and despite being exceptionally paranoid about it, it still scares me into fresh underwear when someone does it - it's not easy braking while turning on a bike for those who haven't tried.

Next you have the "I'm turning right in two miles so I can use this lane at 50 mph". I can almost understand tailgaters (but not quite) with these people. If you are not confident enough to be able to get in the lane when needed then you should take some more training on observation and predicting where cars will be.

Then there are "I'm going to use this outside lane people". You and this guy are the only people on the road, and for some reason they wait until you are almost alongside them and pull into your lane and sit there at 60 mph in a 70 limit. They're not turning off, just sitting there having waited for you? I have no explanation for this behaviour. I don't drive like a loony and arrive at 90 mph behind them.

If I make a mistake I acknowledge it and wave, mostly it's accepted, but sometimes you get the angry lunatic bouncing up and down in their seat.

The B road I use is very different. It's a challenging road with off camber, blind corners, rutted surface, and requires a bit of skill to make progress. Mostly people on this road show a great deal of skill, setting themselves up to see further around corners, etc. It seems to be mostly people who enjoy driving that frequent this road. However, one day.... I was following an old Fiesta, and saw that he was more than a little cautious. There are two potential passing places on the road that's about 5 miles long, so I was hanging well back waiting for the next one. We came to a series of corners that go right, left, right, and left again. I saw him disappear around the first two, then when I came around the third he'd emergency stopped in the middle of the road as he thought the truck coming towards him was going to squash him (even though the road is wide enough for two very large trucks, and has a white line down the middle to help). So now I had stopped, but was sitting just waiting for someone else to ram me in a blind corner! He completely lost the plot and wouldn't move!

21 September 2009

[quote TheWizardWeb]I used to commute from Southend to Cambridge and invariably there was a BMW or Audi planted on my bumper - no matter what the speed. I think more annoying though, is when they announce their presence by flashing their lights at anyone that gets in their 100mph+ way, even when they're several hundred meters behind. [/quote]

If the lane inside you is empty when they flash their lights then you are in the wrong too. I hate tailgaters, but lane hogs are an issue too. I don't see anything wrong with flashing your lights if someone does not move over in a reasonable time. If you see someone behind and the inside lane's clear you should let them get on their way - you're either blo*dy minded or inattentive if the inside lane is clear.

21 September 2009

make a well known phase out of the following

"a dead flogging horse"

How many times to we have to go round the same house!?

Some will always say that tailgating is evil and anyone involved in such a crime should get life in jail (if not execution!)

Others will say, middle lane hoggers should have their licences removed and have to do 50,000 hours community sevice and have there nipples removed!

Really its a bit of both, and as mentioned it all comes down to education.

I am currently doing a LGV licence, and i am of the opionion everyone should have to at least do a few hours driving in one to see how hard these things are to drive.

I would also add it has made me a much better car driver, as you have to be so much more alert and aware of forward planning.

This also applies to stopping distances, (tailgaters) and keeping an eye behind you and being aware of your suroundings (lane hoggers.)

again education is what is required, along with more police, who dont necessary have to punish people, simply to advise them!! but hey i guess camaras cant do that!

21 September 2009

I cant believe middle lane hogging is not top. Not only is it annoying, but it also increases danger on motorways, and massively increases congestion. I have driven a fair bit abroad, and have rarely if ever seen the motorway phenomenon that is everywhere in GB - 1 dawdler in the inside lane, a few cars in the middle lane often coz they are hogging it or felt impelled to pull out of the inside lane half a mile before overtaking the dawdler, and 80% of the traffic in the outside lane trying to get past.

Better driver education, whether through adding motorway driving to the test, public information films etc would be very welcome. I'd like to see police pull over and educate these people who add so much congestion and danger to our roads instead of concentrating 100% on speeders.

21 September 2009

Nice to see speeding way down the list, below driving too slowly.

This seems tohave fallen since the last survey of this type, probably a result of so many tickets being dished out and so many lowered limits; 83% of drivers admit to it. Everyone's speeding now...

So much for attempts to make it 'as antisocial as drink driving', lol.

21 September 2009

[quote cmscot]I cant believe middle lane hogging is not top[/quote]

that's becaause 90% of people do it...and can't admit it..it's become an epidemic, and i've never yet seen a motorway advice sign say, ooh i don't know - something like "keep left". I'm reduced to routinely undertaking. I'm not sitting in a half-mile line-up in the overtaking lane while an empty left-lane beckons. Police / traffic officers should be enforcing lane-discipline, rather than sitting at 72mph waiting to catch someone out.

21 September 2009

Even if you get caught doing 100MPH, the ban and fines don't go far enough, the car should be crushed with you watching!, then mandatory driver re-training which you have to pass not just attend+a probationary year thereafter, if that doesn't work unleess special circumstances a life long ban, of course stop making cars that can do 100MPH but accelarate as fast as you like might be looked at or start putting Wi-Fi limiters in new future cars so as to control speed where ever motorways, busy times of the day etc.I'm sure some of you have other ideas.

Peter Cavellini.

21 September 2009

[quote Peter Cavellini]I'm sure some of you have other ideas. [/quote]

You bet I do! If I get caught speeding doing triple figures then as the law stands I'd expect a ban, but I think your black and white attitude to speeding is exactly whats wrong with the speeding laws at present.

If i'm doing say 100mph, early morning with light traffic and good visibility then who am I hurting? I use the M40 regularly and at times 90-100mph is the average lane 3 speed so its not like there'd even be a huge speed differential.

On the other hand somebody caught doing 40 past a school, park or other place where there are vulnerable road users should get an immediate ban followed by a good slapping. It's the black and white, one size fits all rule with the current speeding laws which piss me off.


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