Government will no longer fund fixed speed cameras
21 June 2010

Fixed speed cameras will no longer be funded by the Government, it has been confirmed.

Junior transport minister Mike Penning announced that councils will have to use their own money to install new cameras from now on. He added that local authorities will be encouraged to consider alternative safety measures before investing in new cameras.

"The public must be confident speed cameras are there for road safety – not as a cash cow. Under this Government it will not be so," said Penning.

"Central Government will not put any more money in."

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21 June 2010


21 June 2010

Where does the money from fines go ? Is it local or central government ?

. . or neither ?

21 June 2010

[quote Autocar]Fixed speed Safety cameras will no longer be funded by the Government[/quote]

Purely coincidental with the fact Blighty is bust, and an emergency budget tomorrow will lay out tens of billions of pounds in cuts in govt. spending. It's been a long, long, long time coming but the UK now finally has to realise it's as credit-worthy as the local wino, and is no different to Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, and there's no dosh for sh!te like 'safety camera partnerships' and weirdos hiding in blacked-out vans at the side of the road.

The high-tide of the feckless, with their lame 'speed kills' sh!t and mushrooming of 'safety' cameras and jobs for the boys and girls in back-office operations is thankfully over. And if you think the proliferation of 'safety' cameras was bad take a look at what your govt. has been doing with surveillance cameras in many UK cities under the guise of fighting crime and anti-social behaviour.

For instance, the people of inner-city B'ham, have literally thousands of spy - hidden- cameras covering all their movements. Only recently has plod's special branch admitted they installed hundreds of hidden cameras in Sparkbrook alone and that they were really there to surveil the general population. Now wouldn't it be a good idea for Plod, and all the other wannabe Big Brother sociopaths to take their cameras down and perhaps tackle gunmen running amok rather than hiding/running away in police cars - Cumbria? Otherwise, what is the point of a police service - 'safety' cameras, spy cameras - when it can't/won't tackle real threats to public safety. The tide is turned.

21 June 2010

Thank Christ for that!

proof that the Con Lib coalition actually possesses some common sense!

21 June 2010

I get safety camera's, what I never got was the ridiculously cynical way in which they were used, on long straight pieces of 'A' road with no house's and no people, a safety camera ! outside a school where loon's would speed past at warp 10, no safety camera, if they stuck to what they were introduced for, no-one could argue! but they saw an opportunity for a back door tax and took it, they got what they deserved, how much money was made from these things and where did it go? The problem now is, no money for camera's = no money for the old bill either = unlicensed, uninsured and unsafe nutters having a free reign = higher insurance premiums (even after the VAT hike). As usual, it's the law abiding amongst us that pay.........oh good!

21 June 2010

It seems all labour parties have the same idea, pushing the issue of "speed kills" to raise revenue to cover their reckless and in most part, wasteful, spending. Here in Sydney Australia, the exact same thing has been happening in the last 15 years under the state Labour government with proliferation of speed cameras. Fortunately they are finally on the way out, I am hoping the new conservative government (next year) will have more common sense and actually do something sensible.

The British people have finally got rid of their Labour party, it's about time Australians do that too!

21 June 2010

I would prefer to see plod out and about enforcing speed limits, drink driving and other road traffic offenses rather than monitoring and changing film in cameras.

As Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said, the reaction of most speeding drivers, including him, is to slow down!

Has anyone else noted a recent spate of ANPR cameras at "safety camera" sites?

Trouble is if a vehicle isn't registered to an address, it most likely isn't taxed or insured either. Where do you send an automatically prepared ticket?

21 June 2010

Wouldn't it be nice if we got rid of all the SPECs cameras?

And especially speed bumps that plague our towns too? Some areas you just can't go near because it's bump after bump after bump.

Just too much to ask for???

21 June 2010

Can't say i really have a problem with the SPECS cameras, so long as they're placed in reasonable locations - i.e through roadworks (ok so if it's the middle of the night and nobody is working it's a pain but not a huge problem) or through town centres etc.

Don't think they have much of a place on open motorway / dual carriageway though (there are some particularly pointless ones in ayrshire, scotland)

21 June 2010

I think you are all forgetting that it was a Conservative government which first introduced speed cameras! It was the mistaken policy of the police, road safety groups and the Tory government which wrongly associated speed with accidents.


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