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UK government starts collecting one-off tax payment on new cars

Buyers of new cars will be eligible for the government's one-off showroom tax from today.

The new tax is a one-off first-year payment on top of the usual vehicle excise duty rate, and the amount buyers pay is based on the emissions of their vehicle.

For now, it only applies to cars emitting more than 166g/km of CO2, with the scale rising from adding £70 to the cost of your car to £515.

Showroom tax costs

Band A (up to 100g/km CO2) + £0Band B (101-110g/km CO2) + £0Band C (111-120g/km CO2) + £0Band D (121-130g/km CO2) + £0Band E (131-140g/km CO2) + £0Band F (141- 150g/km CO2) + £0Band G (151 to 165g/km CO2) + £0Band H (166 to 175g/km CO2) + £70Band I (176 to 185g/km CO2) + £100Band J (186 to 200g/km CO2) + £190Band K (201 to 225g/km CO2) + £305Band L (226 to 255g/km CO2) + £325Band M (Over 255g/km CO2) + £515

Standard VED rates have also gone up for some cars as of today.

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Peter Cavellini 3 April 2010

Re: Showroom tax begins

Oh!, i forgot to say excluding petrol of course!

Peter Cavellini 3 April 2010

Re: Showroom tax begins

So, say we all payed a flat rate of say £1000 a year and that covered everything involved owning a car, would that be fairer?, or how about scrapping road tax and adding 60p to a litre of fuel?, there is no way your going to satisfy everybody who drives a car we just have too lump it!

FR3000 3 April 2010

Re: Showroom tax begins

I can't say I'm surprised at the tax hikes - it's just typical Labour governmenr; they've over spent and on top of that they've bailed out banks as well so we've got nothing left.

It will only get worse when they call in the loans from the banks since you can kiss your savings goodbye while you hang on by your finger nails to meet loan and mortgage payments with ever increasing interest rates from the Banks.

They can bang on about green issues all they want but it just an excuse to generate revenue - keep in mind that the estimated cost for the Olympics has now trebled following the original budget for it (funny that!).

Another key point is that wars aren't cheap - we still have a signficant presence in Iraq and Afghanistan which is costing hundreds of millions.

It's also worth noting that the £2.2bn worth of Gold that Mr Bean (sorry 'Brown') sold for Euros a few years ago to fuel his relentness and mindless spending would be worth about 4 times as much on todays market - Put another way, more than enough to protect us from serious recession damage and perhaps reduce the need to raise taxes on vehicle users to fund the deficit.

To top it off - you don't think this lot are going to cut back on their second and third homes, lavish furnishings, dining out, private transport etc do you?!.