Currently reading: Scrappage 'improves Co2'
New industry figures show drop in new-car Co2

The scrappage scheme has significantly reduced the Co2 emitted from new cars because the majority sold under the incentive are small, efficient models, according to new figures.

New car registrations through the scheme had an average Co2 value of 132.1g/km, according to statistics from the Society of Motor Manufacturers. That's 10.9 per cent below the 148.2g/km overall for new cars.

“Since launching, the Scrappage Incentive Scheme has provided a welcome boost to new car registrations,” said SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt.

“Not only is it helping to reduce average CO2 emissions, but it is putting safer vehicles on our roads. The scheme should help to sustain demand into 2010 and have a positive impact on UK manufacturing and new car registrations during the first half of the year.” Twitter - follow

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RSkoda 24 October 2009

Re: Scrappage 'improves Co2'

Technology has moved on so much in the last 10 years though that cars bought on the scrappage scheme are almost certainly going to be generally lower on C02 and other emissions and should burn less of our rapidly vanishing oil supplies too. Gotta be a good thing.

Restricting the scrappage scheme to UK built cars only is unrealistic and protectionist. And exactly how many of those cars built in the UK are made by British companies anyway?!

Pye 21 October 2009

Re: Scrappage 'improves Co2'

I agree with the above comments – it’s all spin. How any Government can champion the spending taxpayers money to subsidise the purchase of imported budget Korean cars is beyond me. It may create a few jobs in the auto trade (the SMMT’s member list) but that’s it. If lowering CO2 was important why not only make the £2K available on cars manufactured in the UK (i.e. not shipped around the world) and then only on cars with low CO2 figures?

philcUK 21 October 2009

Re: Scrappage 'improves Co2'

usual spin garbage - as scientifically sound as a Roland Emerich movie script.