MORI survey reveals potholes are the biggest concern of voting motorists
16 April 2010

Potholes and the state of local roads is the biggest election issue facing motorists, according to an Ipsos MORI survey carried out for the RAC Foundation.

The survey was taken shortly before the general election was called, and it highlights public concern with the state of Britain’s roads.

Just over three quarters of British adults say potholes and damaged roads are a big problem in their local area and a little over half (52 per cent) are not satisfied with road maintenance, the highest level of dissatisfaction for a decade.

Commenting on the results, Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “This starkly underlines the huge inconvenience potholes are causing the majority of the Great British public and leaves would-be politicians in no doubt of where voters – no matter what their political persuasion - think the next Government’s transport priorities should lie.”

He added “In 2006 1.7 million people signed a petition calling on Tony Blair not to introduce road pricing, and eventually the Government dumped the idea.

“Too often, this country’s 34 million car drivers are taken for granted by the politicians and most of the time they are the silent majority, but when they do speak they change public policy.

“Those who want to be our elected representatives ignore motorists’ views at their peril.”

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16 April 2010

Not just the potholes, it's the daft bumps that stupid councils put in everywhere that frustrates motorists.

Let's have Ipsos MORI take a poll on that one!

16 April 2010

More vote rigging from Labour.

Step1 : employ 1 million people in non jobs, turkey's don't vote for Christmas.

Step 2 : let road network disintergrate .... that is everyone who works for fast fit centres, garages ... petrol station owners and oil companies (as you need a 4x4 to handle the pot hole ridden, speed bump infested 'roads' that we have) votes bought.

Step 3 : gloss over the terrible track record you have on all desicions, whether that be blackmailing an employee to lie about Iraq and going to war anyway .... selling gold just as everyone thought it would be a good idea to buy .... wasting all the money that could have gone into a soverign wealth fund by employing 1 million people in non jobs .... creating the chav underclass and allowing it to prosper! Oh yes, the chavs have their vote bought too .... vote Labour or lose your £25k a year benefits!

It is all dubious politics I tells ya. :(

16 April 2010

For me its not just pot holes, but motoring in general. The poor state of our roads is just shows the distain our government has for the motorist.

Whilst no party tries to get the 'motorists' vote you only have to look at the last 13 years, all the speed cameras, other 'spy' cameras, much reduced speed limits, the spread of the speed hump, the huge rise is the cost of fuel and road tax, suspension of the 25 year exemption for older cars, and yes, the fact that our roads are falling apart. The list goes on and on and on.................

How anyone remotely interested in driving could vote for the current lot is beyond me. Sadly i dont think any of the others stand out for the motorists vote

16 April 2010

I find it strange that people get so upset about potholes. you must have a very sheltered life, if potholes are your main concern.


16 April 2010

[quote kcrally]I find it strange that people get so upset about potholes. you must have a very sheltered life, if potholes are your main concern.[/quote] Or very fortunate.

16 April 2010

[quote Symanski]

Not just the potholes, it's the daft bumps that stupid councils put in everywhere that frustrates motorists.


Well said.

16 April 2010

Barak Obama has stated today that he want America to land on Mars. I think we should go as navigating the potholes qualifies us all to handle the terrain already!

Joking aside, we motorists should sue the goverment under the sale of goods act, as we pay for maintained roads via our VAT on fuel and new cars, our fuel duty, and road tax, yet they don't deliver. I know that most motorists hate cyclists, but witnessed an accident the other day where some poor woman crashed into a pothole on her bike and nearly ended up under the wheels of a van

16 April 2010

[quote MattDB]I know that most motorists hate cyclists[/quote] Do you think so? What about motorists who are also cyclists (like me)?

16 April 2010

[quote Autocar]Potholes and the state of local roads is the biggest election issue facing motorists,[/quote]

What, as opposed to foreign wars, the state of the economy, crime, global environmental degradation caused by unstoppable population growth and other minor issues? Frankly, any person who seriously thinks that potholes are the biggest election issue deserve the government they get.

Plus, a motorist is a person who drives a car. You refer to them as if they were some sub-species of Homo sapiens. You might just as well call people "toasterists" because they regularly operate a toaster. Obviously, a person who drives a car and operates a toaster on a regular basis is both a motorist and a toasterist. Or a motoasterist for short.

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